Flowering shrubs

Flowering shrubs

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Flowering shrubs: the list of summer or spring flowering shrubs. The most beautiful flowering shrubs, to grow in the garden.

Among the most loved shrubs, roses cannot be missing, which for their vastness deserve a separate category. From re-flowering roses to climbing plants… On this page we will try to list theflowering shrubsmost beautiful, with summer or spring flowering.

All kinds of roses

Roses are theflowering shrubsfor excellence. There areunifloral roses, which bloom only once. There areremontant roseswhich bloom several times from late spring to late summer. There is no shortage of climbing roses such as Banksiae that bloom on the youngest and most vigorous branches.

For those who cannot do without flowers, we recommend the roseYesterday,labeled a remontant rose because it blooms so frequently that it is rare to see the plant devoid of flowers. Her bearing makes her perfect forflower beds: forms harmonious globular bushes of one meter in height and in diameter. This rose is quite disease resistant and features small shiny, vibrant leaves. During the cultivation of these flowering shrubs, beware of rose diseases!

Summer flowering shrubs

Thesummer flowering shrubsbrighten and color the garden in the hottest months of the year. They do not fear the heat or the sun and of these, many need onepruningjust in late summer. Among the summer flowering shrubs we remember the following plants.


The secret of thecultivation of lavenderis pruning. Prune the lavender in late summer, shortening the branches by half so as to favor a good growth at the base.


These shrubs exhibit asummer floweringthat tinges the garden blue. It is a stripping shrub (which loses its leaves at the end of autumn) which, if grown in northern Italy, needs protection from the cold.


This plant needs two annual pruning, one in spring and the other in late summer. In spring the old branches are eliminated (it blooms only on young branches) and at the end of the summer the branches that are dry or damaged by excessive heat are removed from the plants.


Perfect for growingeverywhere. It resists wind, salt, full sun and pruning, so much so that it is also suitable for creating hedges of various heights.

Chaenomeles japonica

It is a shrubby tree. It has small, very decorative ruby ​​red flowers.

Witch hazels

Also in this case we speak of a small tree with a shrubby habit and which blooms in midsummer. There are winter, spring and summer (late spring) flowering. It is a very fragrant plant that colors the garden even in autumn thanks to its characteristic foliage.


It has small flowers and extremely compact growth. Like oleander, photinia can be grown to set up hedges of various heights. Very resistant to pruning.

Spring flowering shrubs

Among the spring flowering shrubs we point out the following plants.


These shrubs, depending on the species, can reach a height of 100 cm up to a maximum of 5 meters. They have fragrant flowers enough to get the name ofangel flowers.


In spring they offer abundant and showy blooms. The seeds manage to attract many birds.


It is the perfect plant for attracting butterflies. It has showy flowers and very characteristic nectarines.

Viburnum or Viburnum

The viburnum (viburnum opulus) is known as a snowball due to its large white flowers that it produces between May and June. The flowers have the characteristic shape of a sphere.

Spirea, Deutzia and Kolkwitzia

They are very long-lived shrub plants. After spring flowering, the old branches should be shortened by up to one fifth. Kolkwitzia (pictured above) gives very generous blooms and prefers full sun exposure. All three grow best in well-drained soil.

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