Tree bark: function and types

Tree bark: function and types

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Tree bark, useful in a thousand ways, even for varying the tree we are talking about. There are times when it is even precious and is paid large amounts, other times it is damaged and it is our job to protect it. Let's see its main properties and characteristics. Its value has been known for a long time, since some populations living at high altitudes used the inner part of the tree bark of the Larch to neigh. Dried or pulverized, it was used to make bread, once mixed with cereals.

Tree bark: function

Anyone who thinks that tree bark is just an ornament, a cover for aesthetic purposes, is wrong, because it plays an important role in the life of a plant. It serves for protect the wood fibers in which the lymphatic channels flow. It is a bit as if they were our veins, where the blood flows which for trees is the sap, in fact.

All the more reason it is necessary to respect the tree bark, to ensure its health and protect the life forms that live in it or on it. Both animal and vegetable, often of microscopic size but of great importance for the food chain and biodiversity.

Damaged tree bark

The tree bark can take on very different thicknesses and structures, depending on what type of plant we are observing but also on the environment and weather conditions where she grew up.

Regardless of how the bark appears to us, it is important to protect it from damage caused by external factors, human in the first place. With our interventions and our presence, often even unwittingly, we create wounds that are difficult to heal. Just think about what happens if we hit a tree with an awkwardly led lawnmower, or when we lean a hammock on a trunk without paying attention to the modalities.

Sometimes it can get to damage a bark with the use of growth braces: once placed, they can be engulfed by the bark, leaving cracks where parasites enter.

Tree bark: how to remove it

To deprive the tree of its bark, first of all there must be a good reason, and it must also be done using special tools and not a random cutlass as seen in adventure films. Once the bark is removed, it is often used as mulch. That of the maritime pine is used to protect the soil from the cold, aridity and weeds.

Tree bark: types

There are types of bark almost as numerous as the varieties of plants, let's see some examples. The bark from which cinnamon is obtained, which we consume in powder or in sticks, is certainly one of the best known, popular and appreciated, the trees that produce it are grown mainly in Sri Lanka, in some areas of tropical Asia and in Brazil.

The bark from which we obtain is equally famous cork, that of the Mediterranean oaks called Quercus suber. The tree bark from which aspirin was obtained before reaching its "artificially" production is less well known. The therapeutic principles were found in the willow bark. The rubber tree also has an important bark, once engraved it gives us the rubber and from the rubber we can obtain the natural rubber

Tree bark: tool to remove it

There are various types of tools to remove tree bark, much depends on the use we have to make of it. On Amazon we can find a debarker for 180 euros, also usable as a grooving and milling machine.

Tree bark: how to recognize it

Even just walking through the woods, without the slightest intention of skinning trees, it is interesting to play to recognize them from the bark. For example, the plane tree has spotted it in patches, the birch on the other hand, white and leafy, the bark wrinkled and severe, the Prunus smooth, shiny and bright red.

There are also lesser-known trees that stand out in their originality in terms of bark. The Cornus alba 'Sibirica' sports a fiery red bark in winter, gray maple a reddish brown or orange trunk, Lagerstroemia a light and decorated bark almost like a work of art.

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