"You have to go back to simplicity, plants have always healed"

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I don't indicate, I suggest, okay"Says Sara Itkin, the general practitioner and yuyera, with great confidence. "I love that the person takes the role of health maker and does not wait patiently for a medical indication“.

The interview with Sara, conducted by Vivian Mathis for El Cordillerano radio, made her remember her childhood in Entre Ríos, Argentina, exploring fruits and making perfumes, her residency in General Medicine in Rosario and her way to settle in Bariloche.

The doctor also reflected on the meaning that medicine has acquired throughout her life. "Maybe in my time as a conventional doctor I felt overwhelmed“, And assumed that now every day he enjoys what he does.

In this time I cannot think without being a doctor“, She said, highlighting that she enjoys the time she is living as a doctor from the dissemination of knowledge, studying and cultivating the preparations, teaching and consulting.

Promoting health and sharing knowledge, Sara prepares tinctures in her kitchen, investigates and observes the nature that surrounds us. "Anyone can heal with plants", He says and adds that"For me, healing with plants has to be enjoyable“.

As advice for those who want to start on the path that Sara proposes, she suggested starting with the safest, best-known plants, and going to the elderly to consult about the properties of the plants. "We must go back to simplicity, plants have always healed

The interviewee also invited to take advantage of this time that we are living to “observe nature" Y "return to earth“.

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