The Netherlands will slaughter thousands of minks to prevent COVID-19 infections

The Netherlands will slaughter thousands of minks to prevent COVID-19 infections

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The Dutch Government decided to sacrifice “for public health reasons”To the thousands of minks from nine farms in the country when it was verified at the end of May that some specimens were reservoirs of the coronavirus.

According to the medium Hart van Nederland, 1,600 minks have been killed with carbon dioxide so as not to damage their fur. There are about 140 mink farms in the Netherlands that export mink skins a year worth 90 million euros.

All the mink farms throughout the country are being investigated by health authorities after two possible cases of infection from animals to humans were confirmed in recent weeks, the first known worldwide since the outbreak of the epidemic in China.

Dutch authorities detected the coronavirus in mink farms in late April, when keepers noted respiratory and gastrointestinal problems among these mustelids.

Very strict security measures were applied in all the farms affected by the infections, such as the prohibition of visits or the transport of mink and manure through the country.

The raising of minks on farms will be prohibited from January 2024 after a decision of the Supreme Court, which questioned in 2013 the morality of caring for these animals and then stripping them of their fur, and now the breeders can ask the State for compensation for the slaughtered animals if they decide to close their business.

Video: Dutch Government Is Now Killing Thousands of Minks to Stop Spread of COVID-19 to Humans (June 2022).


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