Easy homemade fresh cheese

Easy homemade fresh cheese

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Do you want to make delicious fresh cheese at home? This cheese is one of those foods that you can never miss in your fridge.

You can use it for dessert, to accompany salad and mix it with countless other dishes.

Today we bring you a homemade fresh cheese recipe in a really simple way that will make your guests go crazy and, of course, your palate.

By making your own cheese and using only a few ingredients, you will totally depend on the quality of these.

For this reason, raw milk is always better: not only because it has more beneficial bacteria, enzymes and vitamins, which are nevertheless destroyed in the pasteurization process, but also because it is easier to digest.

And what's more, the depth of flavor is unmatched.

Video: How to Make Mozzarella Cheese at Home. Homemade Mozzarella Cheese recipe. Using Vinegar (June 2022).


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