Dogue De Bordeaux: character and price

Dogue De Bordeaux: character and price

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Dogue de Bordeaux, big, heavy, affectionate, sweet and drooling dog to become your dog. Yes, the fussy eaters forget to adopt a Dogue de Bordeaux, but everyone else gets ready to meet a wonderful breed of molosser. It comes from France.

Recognized by the FCI, it is a docile but not intrusive dog even though it would love to stay all day with its owner. Despite the size, even on the feet or on the sofa next to it. The Dogue de Bordeaux he is not only a cuddly, he is also sturdy and intelligent, agile and very athletic. He owes a lot of his fame and presence in countries other than his homeland to some TV and cinema extras. He is the protagonist in the film Turner and the hustler (1989) with Tom Hanks and is a co-star in the American TV series Tequila and Bonetti, voiced in the Italian version by Ferruccio Amendola.

Dogue de Bordeaux: origins

Officially it belongs to the section of the Swiss Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Cattle Dogs type and as often happens for the Molossers the Dogue de Bordeaux has origins dating back many years, centuries, ago. Before arriving in France, his ancestors hung out in the Asian area, one of the most accredited hypotheses tells that his ancestor was a dog that accompanied, from the Indo-European regions to Europe, the Celtic peoples. It was certainly born as a fighting dog and there are documents and texts that narrate its fist deeds in the medieval period.

The first standard of the Dogue de Bordeaux was elaborated by Société des Amateurs de Dogues in 1896, a standard that was in danger of becoming useless when with the Second World War this dog seemed to have become extinct. Instead, thanks to the usual passionate breeders, his fans have been reborn and have also come to enjoy considerable success. Even outside of France. Even on Hollywood set.

Dogue de Bordeaux: appearance

Medium to large sized dog, with a muscular but balanced structure. The Dogue de Bordeaux has a physique from athlete, but not from "gymnasium". He is powerful, stocky, imposing and proud, but also agile. We immediately notice that it is low on the limbs and rather broad in the chest, also there head is voluminous and from the trapezoidal shape with a wide nose, well open nostrils and well pigmented black or brown depending on the mask. The neck is cylindrical so much it is muscular while the ears are hardly noticeable, if they were not darker in color than the rest of the coat. The eyes are dark and oval, the tail part thick but then becomes refined and at rest it is lowered, hanging.

Dogue De Bordeaux: black mask

The mask of the Dogue de Bordeaux determines the variety, there are two, the black mask and the red mask. They do not have many other differences apart from this physical trait which is then also reflected in the color of the truffle, as we have already specified. In general the hair of the Dogue de Bordeaux, fine, short and soft to the touch, it can be mahogany color or one of the shades of the fawn range. It is usually uniform even if it can appear, tolerated, on the chest and feet, white spots, but that they are not very extensive!

Dogue De Bordeaux: weight

According to the standard dictated by the French who also establish the weight of the breed Dogue de Bordeaux there is a lower limit for both the male and the female. The first must weigh at least 50 kg, the female at least 45. Another number dictated by the standard is the height at the withers: between 60 and 68 cm for males and between 58 and 66 cm for females.

Dogue de Bordeaux: character

Finally, let's talk about the character of this dog which is truly adorable. Its size becomes a bit of an inconvenience with all the affection it shows. But it's not just a sticky animal: the Dogue de Bordeaux he is alert and courageous, never being aggressive.

Sweet and patient with the owner e even with children, with his fellows he shows himself more combative: his origins as a fighting dog re-emerge. He also keeps it when it comes to defending his family and home: he's great defense and guard dog, supervise with great courage, but being dangerously aggressive.

Dogue De Bordeaux: price

A puppy of Dogue de Bordeaux has a price that varies from 700 to 1000 euros, usually. It is always recommended to rely on experts and visit the farms, also asking for advice from a trusted veterinarian if you do not feel safe.

Once a Dogue de Bordeaux you have to feed it and being a medium-large size molossoid, eat 600-700 grams of quality kibble per day. To get an idea of ​​the quantity: of course he also eats wet food or whatever you want to prepare for him, but be careful to maintain a healthy diet. Also not to cause health problems, including fragile bones.

Does Dogue de Bordeaux drool?

And how. And I warned immediately, it is a feature that must be accepted if you want to live with a Dogue de Bordeaux because it is intrinsic and inevitable. Furthermore, being a dog who loves human contact very much, it is not possible to escape his damp affection. Can we live with it? Yes, it is possible.

I'm not doing terrorism, but it's important to be aware that with a Dogue de Bordeaux at home it is very likely to have traces of his drool on clothes and sofas, leave the house to go to work with suspicious stains on the suit or the suit just picked up in the dry cleaner. And if someone comes home to drink tea, they will have to deal with ours Dogue de Bordeaux.

It is lovable, it is an acceptable compromise in my opinion, but everyone can decide whether to be drooled or admired from afar by opting for another breed. I wonder what he did on the Hollywood set: will have had the bib?

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