How to collect parsley seeds

How to collect parsley seeds

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How to collect parsley seeds: instructions for harvesting parsley, rocket, basil and other plants seeds. Harvesting seeds from the garden to independently start a new biennial cultivation cycle.

The parsley, as well as the rocket, is a biennial plant which means that these two plants will have a flowering in the second year of planting so it will not be possible to collect seeds from the first year of cultivation.

To obtain parsley seeds, therefore, after the first year of cultivation where the harvest can take place normally, plants must be allocated for flowering. This means that some parsley seedlings will not have to be uprooted or cut for culinary use. It will be necessary to leave the plants to vegetate freely until the moment of flowering.

The blooming rocket will show you yellow flowers in the shape of a cross. The parsleyit will bloom with umbrella-shaped flowers, very small and difficult to treat. It is advisable to keep parsley seedlings in a poorly ventilated area so as not to lose the seeds. When the plant is about to wither, the flowers can be cut and gently placed upside down, in a paper bag designed to collect the seeds that will detach from the flowers in full autonomy. Remember to react promptly: a little more wind is enough to sweep away the small seeds from the slender parsley flowers.

How to collect parsley seeds

As can be seen from the photo above, parsley flowers are small and delicate and even smaller andelusivethey may be the seeds they guard. Harvesting parsley seeds is a delicate operation to be carried out following some key concepts listed below:

  • - Parsley is a biennial plant, it blooms every other year, so the collection of seeds can only be done in the years in which the plant undergoes flowering.
  • - To make parsley plants bloom, you need to let them vegetate without cutting them off. Choose some parsley seedlings to be used for seed production.
  • - If parsley is grown with other plants, its inflorescence is recognized by the characteristic umbrella shape made up of about fifty small five-petaled flowers. The flowers are white and sometimes tinged with blue, purple or yellow.
  • - In the second year of cultivation, parsley develops a flowering stem with a height of 75 cm. Forcollect the parsley seedsit is important not to cut plants intended for seed production.
  • - The seeds are ovoid, 2-3 mm long and with prominent carpels in the apical area.
  • - The plant ofparsleyit dies naturally after the seed ripens.
  • - In harvesting of parsley seedsyou will have to compete with atmospheric agents but also with common garden birds, an example? The goldfinch feeds precisely on parsley seeds.
  • - To retrieve the greatest number of seeds, at the time of flowering, arrange a paper bag in the area surrounding the flower. Make sure that the seeds fall into your bag. Alternatively, place the plant in a place sheltered from the wind and collect the inflorescences when they are about to wither.

Tips for growing seed parsley: how to sow parsley

Generally, the cultivation ofparsleyit is started right from the seed. Parsley grows well in full sun, with moist, well-drained soil. The optimal growth temperature is between 22 - 30 ° C.

The seeds, thus collected, can be stored until the next sowing. The germination of parsley seeds is slow and can last up to 4 - 6 weeks. Germination is slowed down or even prevented by a substance (furanocoumarin) contained in the seed integument itself. The planting of the now developed parsley seedlings must be done in pots with a diameter of 18 cm or in the ground, spacing the plants 20 cm from each other.

Parsley seeds can be purchased in any nursery, garden center or by taking advantage of the online purchase; to get an idea of ​​the varieties of parsley available for cultivation, I invite you to visit the page dedicated to Parsley on Amazon.

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