How to build a DIY greenhouse

How to build a DIY greenhouse

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How to build a DIY greenhouse: step by step instructions for building a greenhouse for the vegetable garden. From the necessary to the implementation.

Who said that building a greenhouse is difficult and expensive? It is possible to build a DIY greenhouse that is functional, sustainable and at an appropriate price! Just choose the right materials and a bit of good will and that's it.

Let's find out in detail how to build a DIY greenhouse in a simple way with low environmental impact.

What it takes to build a DIY greenhouse

  • - Anti-rust galvanized steel frame (arches and currents)
  • - PE cover, anti ultraviolet rays, with hinges;
  • - 150 cm pitch for arches;
  • - Struts to fix and stabilize the greenhouse to the ground;

DIY greenhouse assembly kit for vegetable garden

Once you have procured all the material, which you can buy through the assembly kits for garden greenhouses, you just have to roll up your sleeves and get busy.

The material listed among the necessary can be purchased at DIY stores, garden centers or the best equipped nurseries. As stated, there is no shortage of kits on the market: on Amazon, a kit to build a greenhouse for a vegetable garden on a human scale (2 meters wide x 4.50 meters long and 1.75 m high) is offered at the price of 269.85 euros with free shipping. Do not worry, there are also much cheaper kits but when making your choice pay attention to the materials used and let yourself be guided by the last paragraph of this page. The kit that we have indicated to you is extremely resistant, long lasting and rustproof. Perfect for those looking for a definitive solution to be exploited crop after crop. Personally I have been using it for three years in my garden!

How to build a DIY greenhouse, instructions

When you have all the material you just have to proceed with the DIY greenhouse assembly.

First you will need to assemble the steel structure.

Start from the bottom, then mount the highest part later. Pass the arches in the appropriate tracks (we always recommend that you get help from a friend). Once you have built the galvanized steel structure you will have to fix it to the ground, this will make it more stable and wind resistant. Don't worry, you won't need concrete or huge holes, just opt ​​for a compact ground, and use the special struts included in the kit. Once yours is fixed DIY greenhouse you just have to cover the ground with the special anti-ultraviolet PE cover.

The hinges will allow you to enter the greenhouse with ease, without risking damaging the entire roof.

DIY greenhouse: where to place it

Choose carefully where to mount your greenhouse. The hours of light and shade may vary according to the type of plant (from fruit, flowers, vegetables) that you are going to sow. So get informed, but try to prefer an average sunny place, we have built a do-it-yourself greenhouse to create an adequate climate for our plants regardless of the season. And sunless plants die, regardless of type. So when positioning your DIY greenhouse, make sure that it is not in a dark place, it would be really a waste not to use solar energy, the plants would suffer, at that point all the work done would be useless!

Advantages of building a DIY greenhouse:

  • no excavation;
  • simplicity in installation;
  • easy to carry;
  • sustainability of the structure;
  • satisfaction in having built a greenhouse by yourself

How to build a DIY greenhouse: the choice of materials

To build a good DIY greenhouse, the supporting structure and the cover are essential.

We chose the anti-rust galvanized steel frame because in addition to the stability of the material this is very resistant to corrosion, therefore made to last over time. The greenhouse is a small investment that can give us a lot of satisfaction.

In addition to the frame, the cover is very important since it is this that does most of the work of a greenhouse. Even if we had a very strong skeleton but without adequate coverage, everything would be useless.

As you know, plants are "fed" through the process of photosynthesis, a do-it-yourself greenhouse has the purpose of preserving plants even with a less than ideal climate or in any case subject to unpredictable rainfall (all characteristics that now also affect our beloved Italy less and less "Mediterranean" due to the greenhouse effect and atmospheric pollution).

A good cover must ensure that sunlight reaches the plants, but at the same time it must also be able to block the heat inside the greenhouse, in order to create a sort of microclimate. While it is necessary for the material to bring sunlight to the plants, it is also necessary for it to be waterproof and therefore to retain the so-called long infrared waves inside the greenhouse.

For the reasons listed above, for the building a do-it-yourself greenhouse, we have chosen this type of material, able to retain heat and protect the plant.

Now you just have to sow the plants and good gardening at all!

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