Programmable pellet stoves

Programmable pellet stoves

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Programmable pellet stoves: automatic stoves, remotely programmable with smartphone or sms, autonomy, power and prices.

Before choosing onepellet stoveseveral factors must be considered:

  • the size of the room to be heated
  • the number of rooms to be heated
  • the characteristics of the property
  • possibility to integrate thepellet stovewith a pre-existing heating system
  • the pellet stove as independent heating
  • use the pellet stove as a boiler
  • autonomy of the stove / capacity of the pellet tank
  • extra features like
    - possibility to cook with the pellet stove
    - possibility to program the stove even remotely

Theprogrammable pellet stovesthey can heat a single room or the whole house. To find out how to distribute the heat produced by a single pellet stove, please refer to the articlehow to channel a pellet stove.

Programmable pellet stoves and pellet heating cookers

Having made the necessary evaluation of sizing and the type of heating system we want to obtain, we must evaluate the extra functions we want.

In recent years, thepellet stovesthat integrate oven and hob and are gaining groundautomatic pellet stove which have an intelligent electrical control unit that can be managed remotely.

Thepellet stoveshave oneelectrical control unitsuitable for controlling combustion ecanalizationsoptimized to heat several rooms or even the whole house. As for the features and functions offered bypellet stoveswe invite you to read the dedicated page "pellet stoves with kitchen “.On this page we will focus on what are theautomatic pellet stoves.

The advantages of programmable pellet stoves

Thepellet stoves of the latest generation have an electronic control unit able to manage combustion in an optimal way ensuring a good yield in terms of ratiopellets / heat produced,low emissions into the atmosphere and guarantee less maintenance interventions. In theprogrammable pellet stovesthe electronic control unit can perform various functions simultaneously such as:

  • – set the pellet loading frequency
  • – adjust the air intake to improve combustion
  • – adjust the smoke outlet
  • – control the combustion parameters so as to activate a system that limits the power and produce heat constantly and with a good yield
  • – clean the brazier
  • - activate a flow of hot air which has the function of protecting the glass of the pellet stove from combustion residues (keeps the glass clean)
  • – possibility to pre-set the desired temperature
  • – possibility of programming switching on and off times

Theprogrammable pellet stovesthey can be managed using a special integrated display or by remote control.

Manage the pellet stove via text message or via smartphone app

In some models, thepellet stoveintegrates a GSM telephone dialer thanks to which it will be possible to manage the heating system remotely.

Similarly to what we saw with the wifi thermostat that uses the internet connection to manage the home temperature, theprogrammable pellet stovesthey exploit the traditional GSM network, the one that allows you to make calls or send sms.

Specifically, by sending a command with a simplesms, we can tell the pellet stove to turn off or turn on. A practical solution for those who do not have a fixed return time, for those who do not follow a daily routine and to manage the heating in the annex or in the second home.

Othersprogrammable pallet stovesand which can be managed remotely, have specific smartphone apps that allow for simplified management.

Even outside the home, the user can decide to program, activate or turn off the stove or set the desired temperature. The most advanced smartphone applications are able to communicate with the user by reporting any black out of the electrical panel, the presence of faults and various.

Programmable pellet stoves, prices and models

Prices ofprogrammable pellet stovesvary bydesign and power. To give you an idea of ​​the expense to be faced, we will bring you some latest generation models.

Mcz's Musa 2.0 pellet stove isprogrammablethrough the App and is able to distribute the heat in the rooms in a differentiated way so as to have different temperatures in the domestic environments. Its power is 10 kW and costs 1,925 euros.

The Red365 Lotus pellet stove isprogrammablevia a control panel located on the appliance. It has a nominal power of 24.80 kE and a price of 4,470 euros.

The designer stoveElisabeth Ecofire of Palazzetti (pictured above)can be managed throughappand in addition it has a practical digital programmer. It has a nominal power of 12 kW and costs 3,614 euros.

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