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Blackout curtains, all the info

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Blackout curtains: roller, glass, fabric, motorized… For windows, attic or skylights. Benefits, tax deductions and features.

Theblackout curtainsthey integrate perfectly with any context. They are made intechnical fabricswhich are applied to panels or rollers; the roller can be operated manually or, in case of poor accessibility (blackout curtainsfor high windows, on the roof ...) or to ensure greater comfort, there is no shortagemotorized blackout curtainsthat open and close with a switch similar to the one used to turn a light bulb on and off.

Any type of window or any frame can accommodate oneBlackout blind. Theblackout curtainsthey have the characteristic of always remainingrigidisstrainedeven in the case of windows and frames with flap openings.

They exist on the marketblackout curtainsfor indoors and outdoors. They are not necessarily dark because the sun's rays are shielded thanks to the type of fabric and not its color. Indeed, in the summer, in the case of a transparent building envelope, black blackout curtains are totally not recommended because they can absorb an excessive load of heat.

Blackout curtains, a valid alternative to shutters

The blackout curtainsthey are known asguards, guarantee maximum privacy and are designed forfilter the lightwhich comes from the outside just as shutters and roller shutters would.

In contexts where shutters cannot be installed, theblackout roller blindscan guarantee a partial or totalshielding from the sun's rays. Those who do not want to give up sunlight can aim forpleated filtering blinds.

The pleated filter curtains are able to guarantee a filtered and soft light while theblackout curtainsthey do not let sunlight through: being impermeable to light, they are able to keep the room dark regardless of external light conditions. A practical solution fordarken the windows of the attic.

Blackout curtains with fiberglass

The blackout curtainsthey can always be taut thanks to the fabric and its profile. In the most robust and resistant models, theblackout curtainshave fiber profiles of glass, welded inside the fabric itself.

Also in this case the operation can take place with a crank (manual opening and closing of the blind) or with a switch (motorized blackout blinds with electric drive).

Blackout curtains: covering, shading and filtering

There is no shortage of products on the market to ensure, depending on the need of the moment, a targeted management of sunlight. Some awnings are able to provide a dual function: darkening the environment by totally blocking the entry of light, or partial shielding from the sun's rays that offers shading and soft light. In this case, the user can control the degree of solar shading with an electric control that can be optimized with an automatic control device.

Theblackout and filtering curtainssee the combination of two fabrics. A fabric capable of obscuring the light and a second fabric that ensures shading and privacy, protecting the interior of the house from the sun, heat and prying eyes while allowing filtered sunlight to penetrate. The transparency of the second fabric allows those inside the house to look outside but those outside will not be able to look inside the house.

How theblackout curtainsdouble fabric?
It all depends on the manufacturer. Generally speaking, in therollerthe two different fabrics that share the guides are wrapped. During the opening of the lower sheet, the upper sheet is rolled up in the front panel, letting the second fabric slide outwards which remains so tight.

Blackout curtains and tax deductions for sun screens

All curtains that perform a function ofsolar shadingmay benefit from tax deductions if the purchase of these devices is associated with a work, albeit small, of restructuring. The replacement of one or more fixtures is also part of the renovation works. A guide to tax deductions and concessions related to the purchase ofblackout curtainsis available in the article Sun shields and tax deductions.

In the photo above, the blackout blinds from Hella

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