Chinese Crested Dog: breeding and price

Chinese Crested Dog: breeding and price

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Chinese Crested Dog, is none other than the Chinese hairless dog. I'm not saying this to belittle this breed but to frame it immediately. In fact, there are only three in the world naked dogs recognized by the Fédération cynologique internationale (FCI).

In addition to Chinese Crested Dog there is Xoloitzcuintle and the Peruvian Inca Orchid, said perro sin hair of Peru. If we see others around, naked, they belong to other unrecognized but existing races. And clearly evident in their embarrassing nakedness. There areAmerican Hairless Terrier, L'Abyssinian Sand Dog, the Argentine Pila, the African greyhound, the Nubian dog, the dog of Egypt, the Turkish dog, the Antillean dog: of all these there are two varieties, the naked one and the hairy one.

Returning to our Chinese hairless dog, officially naked dogs, it is the only one to be recognized even the hairy variety (powderpuff), the others are just "hairless".

Chinese Crested Dog: origins

Already in the twelfth century BC, in China which is then its obvious homeland, specimens of dogs similar to the Chinese Crested Dog. It is difficult not to notice them, but it was only later that it became clear that the absolute lack of hair is in fact due to a spontaneous genetic mutation.

Over time this dog has been appreciated and then neglected, in its land, but welcomed with enthusiasm in the United States. Even Europe, e Great Britain above all, they appreciated and therefore bred this breed with passion, guaranteeing continuity. Had it been for China, perhaps we would find ourselves talking about it as an extinct race of which many curious photos remain.

We cannot speak of a race that is depopulated, in the case of Chinese Crested Dog, but the specimens that are there, often taking part in dog shows, receive great attention, still arouse curiosity and a lot of interest among European and American dog lovers.

Chinese Crested Dog: character

Hairless but with character, a nice character, cheerful and affectionate. If he appears detached with strangers, then he reveals himself sensitive as soon as he gets acquainted. It is a determined dog but knows how to be with children and establish a good relationship with them, never aggressive. The same happens with other dogs.

It fits well with apartment living, participates in family life without being too intrusive and does not have many requests, if you do not miss the walk. It is also important for your health, that you do constant physical exercise, to avoid weight gain.

With such a sweet and helpful nature, the Chinese Crested Dog it is definitely a companion dog, also excellent for shows and for those who love activities such as agility and obedience. The important thing is to take into account that, for obvious reasons, it is not an animal suitable for cold climates, it suffers a lot in cold temperatures.

Adopt a Chinese Crested Dog it engages us not so much psychologically, or from an educational point of view, but as “hairdressers” and beauticians. It is necessary to dedicate yourself constantly to the care of your skin: it can get irritated and inflamed easily. The same goes for the variety with hair, long as it is, must be kept soft and healthy.

Chinese Crested Dog: puppies

Small, little more than a purse, the Chinese Crested Dog is a responsive and graceful dog with a medium to fine bone structure. At the withers it measures from 28 to 33 cm, the females slightly less, and its weight in any case must not exceed 5.5 kg. If he is naked, he has a smooth trunk, with a hair that seems to the touch a head with shaved hair, the hairs are therefore present only on the feet, head and tail.

In hairy variety, has a thick and soft coat, a sort of veil of long hair with a lot of undercoat. The accepted colors are all those possible, even combined together, as for the skin, in the nude variety, it is fine-grained, soft and warm to the touch.

The Chinese Crested Dog it can also be distinguished in "deer" (ie "doe") if it has a fine and elegant bone, and in "cobby" (ie "pony"), if it has a heavier build. And again, looking at it "in the face", if the nose is naturally hairy it is called "full face", if you clip it, it becomes "shaved face".

In all cases and varieties that we have known, the body of the Chinese Crested Dog it is rather compact and structured, even if we cannot speak of a massive physique. The skull is slightly rounded and elongated, with a pronounced stop, the muzzle is never pointed, it ends with a narrow nose of all possible colors, according to the hair or skin of each specimen.

The ears of this breed are particularly large, stand out especially in the naked version and are straight upright. When the Chinese Crested Dog it has hair, however, they can also be hanging, but always large. The eyes, regardless of the skin and the hair, are always dark, and the tail, long and rather straight, is neither curled nor deviated but ends with a curious plume.

Chinese Crested Dog powderpuff

The Chinese Crested dog "hairless" and the chinese crested dog "powderpuff" they certainly cannot be confused, indeed, they would almost say two different races. The Powderpuff, also known as the "powder puff", is visibly covered in fur. Its coat is particularly soft and voluminous also because it is formed by an undercoat and a veil of long overlying hair.

This variety of Chinese Crested Dog clearly needs to regular grooming. But not only that: even swimming, at least once a week if you lead an active life, with runs in the open air. Such hairy dogs should be brushed every day, and first moistening the hair to prevent the thin part from breaking. A great effort but, if we look after them well, we get "miniature Afghan hounds", there is also the considerable advantage that the Chinese Crested Dog powderpuff they do not shed and are excellent "anti-stress".

Two lines also on the naked variety, Hairless ”. It is always without undercoat, it has hair only on the head, mane, extremities of the limbs and tail. The rest of the body is hairless, you can see the skin and its variety of colors. It can be single color, or "dappled", and in this case the pink part of the summer does not pigment and must therefore be protected with creams or sprays. In the hl variety, the Chinese Crested Dog presents three sub-categories with decreasing nudity: True Hairless (thl), "Moderate hairless" and "Hairy Hairless" (hhl or Semicoated).

Chinese Crested Dog: breeding

In Italy, according to ENCI, there are at least 12 farms of this breed, of which 5 in Lombardy. The others are in Tuscany, a couple, and then in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Puglia. In 2015, there were about a hundred registered specimens, half with hair and half without: there is no dominant variety. In both it is very important that from an early age, i Chinese Crested Dog have a balanced and controlled diet to avoid overweight.

Chinese Crested Dog: price

The average price for a puppy of Chinese Crested Dog is around 600-800 euros. It's not cheap, but small dogs are known to be in fashion and this is certainly a breed that can strike. Moreover, it is not even easy to find it. Regardless of the expense - you might as well adopt an abandoned or kennel - but it is a demanding dog, to be followed up to ensure adequate care. It has a great character but the skin or coat requires a devoted, patient owner with time to devote to grooming.

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