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Peruvian dog

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Peruvian dog, a breed officially recognized among the spitz and primitive type dogs but above all cited among those of hairless dogs. It is not totally naked, although the official name of the breed, Perro sin pelo of Peru, would make us assume. Instead it has traces of fur on the legs, tail and head.

However, the skin is visible and may have pink spots smooth and gray, brown, blonde or black. His head looks like that of a wolf, with a marked stop and medium sized and… wolfish eyes. There are three sizes of Peruvian dog, the small is for specimens of 25-40 cm in height at the withers, the average includes heights between 40 and 50 cm, then there is the large one with dogs 50-65 cm tall.

Peruvian dog: origins

This breed has very ancient origins but there is still no single and certain version of its birth. Some experts argue that the Peruvian dog arrived in the country because it was introduced during the Chinese immigration which was registered immediately after the President of Peru, Don Ramon Castilla, had promulgated the law forbidding the slavery of blacks.

A reconstruction that intertwines dogs and politics, and sociology. There are other rumors about the origin of this breed, it is said that it came from the African continent with the nomads who landed in America, still another version wants them to be the dogs who accompanied the men who arrived from Asia in the "new world" crossing the Bering Strait.

Few sources and many legends: the only evidence that could clarify are the remains of figures that appear on ceramics of different pre-Inca civilization (Vicus, Mochica, Chancay, with Tiahuanacoide influence, Chimu). You can see a hairless dog that therefore would have already been present in the area during the pre-Inca archaeological periods, between the years 300 BC. and the years 1400 A.D.

In history, with its peculiar nudity, the Peruvian dog it has won the hearts of some significant historical figures and of many nobles and royals who have wanted an example alongside. It is a breed mentioned in a work by Juan José Pérez Hernández, at the time of the Spanish colonization it was the first European man to sight, name and register the islands located near present-day British Columbia, Canada.

Today the Peruvian Naked Dog and his Mexican "cousin", also naked, are often interchanged, but officially they are distinct races. The Peruvian one was recognized in 1981 and the standard was approved by the F.C.I. in 1985.

Peruvian dog: appearance

Quick and elegant, the Perro sin pelo of Peru, as it is called in Peru, it is a dog that expresses speed, strength and harmony. All this with great class and pride, without appearing rustic at all. One of its peculiarities lies in the teeth: it is almost always incomplete, it lacks many premolars. Even the truffle has strange colors: it is black in the dark specimens but becomes flesh-colored in those with pinkish spots in their different shades. A truffle that makes pan dan.

The neck of the Peruvian Naked Dog it is muscular and the ears when alert are erect, at rest folded back, but always of medium size and very wide at the base. The eyes have one careful and intelligent expression, they are rather large and slightly almond-shaped, the tail reaches up to the hocks, tapering on the tip, all naked except for some hair on the tip.

The physicist of the Peruvian dog he is muscular and lean, with a well-proportioned bone structure with the right proportions. Both in the small version (from 25 to 40 cm at the withers, from 4 to 8 kg), both in the average version (from 40 to 50 cm at the withers, from 8 to 12 kg), and finally in the large version (at 50 to 65 cm at the withers, 12 to 23 kg).

Peruvian dog: fur

Talk about the hair, the almost absent one, of the Perro sin pelo of Peru is critical. This is the main characteristic of the breed. This dog is not totally naked, because it can claim sparse hair on the head and the tip of the tail. For the rest it is all skin, smooth for the entire body surface even if it can but there may be some affection of the dermis, perhaps in the parts most exposed to sunlight, given the lack of hair.

THE colors allowed they are black, slate black, elephant black, bluish black, in the whole range of grays, dark brown in its shades up to light blond. They exist and are officially recognized both the versions with uniform color and those with pinkish spots on any part of the body.

Peruvian dog: character

The character of almost all specimens of this naked breed is noble and very reserved. They are dogs very close to their master, affectionate, faithful and never too clingy, indeed endowed with an appreciable calm temperament. In the presence of strangers, however, the Peruvian Naked Dog he immediately becomes distrustful and attentive, he is a very alert dog and all external stimuli put him on alert. Never aggressive but attentive and responsive, with quick movements.

Peruvian dog: care

If we keep it in an apartment, remember not to snort because we are warned: the Peruvian dog it is a very lively dog, so it is necessary to let it do a lot of movement, outdoors, indoors, even playing with it.

We have fun because he is a very sweet dog and, on the condition that he let him out often, he is considered a lot suitable for family life, even and above all in the presence of children who will be the first to appreciate its crackling energy. Dogs of this breed usually enjoy excellent health: if kept well and correctly vaccinated, they do not suffer from any particular pathology.

Peruvian Naked Dog: video

The most significant video that honors the history and tradition that the race of Peruvian dog it is in its native language but very understandable as Spanish often is for us Italians. It also displays ancient ceramics, which represent it in the pre-Inca era, and the three large-small-medium variants. In addition to hearing, from the video, the affection and pride with which the population tells about theirs Perro sin pelo of Peru.

Peruvian dog: price

Also known as the Peruvian hairless dog, this dog figures as one of the most expensive around these days. Typical of South America, the absence of hair, in addition to requiring a lot of care, also requires a lot of money, at least for the purchase, since an average puppy has a price of about 3000 euros.

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