Schipperke: origins and character

Schipperke: origins and character

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Schipperke, classified as a dog of the shepherds and cattlemen group, it is a sort of coal black fox. A very beautiful and elegant animal, about whose name many legends have circulated, the strangest one says that "Schippeerkee”Derived from the Dutch word schipper, boatman. Who knows what a wolf is doing on a boat.

Schipperke: origins

After making France and Belgium quarrel, the Schipperke he declared himself a shepherd dog of Flemish origin even if his ancestors are also known in France and the Netherlands. Already in the seventeenth century there were rumors of the presence of a dog with its characteristics in Brussels, precisely in the Saint-Géry district.

A peculiarity of this breed is that it has been selected with a short tail, a decision made when there was the fashion to prefer dogs that were born with short tails. It has always been Schipperke was employed as watchdog, but "while it was there", the owners often also exploited it for rat hunting that infested the city or the ships.

The recognition of the breed came in 1882 by the FCI, after the triumphal international dog show in Spa. On its name, in addition to the thesis of the boatman, there is also the one that connects Schipperke a skipper ("captain" in English) or even a sheep-perke, which would mean little shepherd. In his country of origin he is then nicknamed "little black demon“.

The spread of this dog is not a recent thing, it has been known for a long time in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and some Eastern European countries, partly also because it had become one of the favorites of the Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium. In 1887 the Schipperke it also arrived in Great Britain and the United States.

Schipperke: I'm waiting

It is just and only black Schipperke and as we have already seen, its peculiarity is the total absence of a tail. His head is also recognizable typically lupoid. As a structure, it is a very well built and harmonious dog, the absence of the tail does not disturb the balance of the forms, it has a wide chest on the front that makes the body short and stocky. On display the Schipperke are divided into three categories based on weight: light from 3 to 4 kg, medium from 4 to 5 kg, heavy from 5 to 9 kg.

In addition to having to be black, black-backpack, the hair is thick and consistent to the touch. It is short on the ears, short on the head and also on the front of the limbs and on the hocks, quite short on the trunk but towards the neck it stretches forming mane and jabot, around the limbs, then, always black appears one elegant culotte.

The eyes in this dog are also dark, dark brown, full, more oval than round, neither sunken nor protruding, with one lively and sharp look. The ears always remember the lupoid forms, straight, small, triangular, set high and very mobile, the whole muzzle is elongated without being too pointed.

Schipperke: character

The specimens of this breed have the typical character of guard dogs and are in fact excellent watchdogsdespite its small size. They are always faithful, but above all very agile and definitely tireless. This involves the fact that sometimes one Schipperke he may actually be very restless and unable to mask his emotions: he bristles his mane and barks.

And also jealous of his things and attentive to the developments around him, so that nothing touches his possessions, of course he finds it difficult to make friends with strangers even if he does not care much, very happy and satisfied to live in perfect harmony with his master.

At home he is a polite and respectful dog, ideal with children, but he loves open spaces and therefore it is necessary to carry him around a lot. He does not give up for anything in the world to give the hunting for moles and other animals. Better to let him vent often, so he is less restless at home and remains only pleasantly curious and attentive.

Schipperke: puppies

The puppies are a real energy bomb Schipperke, among the wildest I know, always ready for action, cheerful and festive. Children with puppies are crazy, they can grow up together. With puppies, however, it is necessary to intervene immediately with one good training work, especially on barking. He tends to do it a lot, experts advise to appease his instinct from a young age, calling him verbally every time he overdoes it.

Being a dog that learns quickly, as well as being very intelligent,Schipperke training it is not a difficult task, indeed, you can have excellent results, a polite and lively dog ​​"the right" with which to enjoy long outings. Loves to get around, lo Schipperke, is not very suitable for living with other animals and is instead perfect for those who have none and are a sporty and athletic person. He is a good training partner.

It is important to feed him adequately since he was a puppy, also to ensure the longevity that is already inherent in the breed. One Schipperke it can exceed 15 years of life without having major health problems. Regular brushing is enough for the coat, it is black and does not get dirty immediately.

Schipperke: breeding

In ENCI website in Italy only one breeding of this breed appears, located in the province of Pesaro Urbino, others can be found online, even those that include various dogs including the Schipperke. In Italy it is present but not very much, there are about fifteen specimens, officially from the ENCI website, and in general the small size is more “worth it” rather than the others.

For now it remains a dog that could, if better known, become much loved, both for its elegant aesthetics and for its athletic performance. perfect for those who jog or walk a lot. In short, for the health conscious.

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