How to repair the inner tube of the bike

How to repair the inner tube of the bike

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How to repair the inner tube of the bicycle: repair kit, cost of a new inner tube and instructions on how to patch a punctured inner tube. Detailed instructions on how to perform arepairof theinner tube of the bike.

There are many people who decide togo to work by bike,to use the two-wheeled pedals for daily commuting or outings. In bicycle, one flat wheel it is just like the bills to pay: a certainty that will not be long in coming! This is why we advise you not to be caught unprepared and ride with a baby repair kit to fix the perforated air chamber.

Bike: air chamber with holes, the repair kit

THE repair kits for bicycle tubes they are made ofrim lever(hooks that will help you to lift the rubberized part of the wheel to extract the inner tube), putty (a particular glue that will be used to fix the patch on the hole) and rubber inserts (plastic patches that plug the hole) .

Thanks to the repair kit, fixing the punctured bicycle wheel will be very easy: the kit provides you with all the material to perform the puncture, so you only have to locate the hole and block the air leakage with the patch. The instructions onhow to repair the inner tubeof thebike are available in the next paragraph.

A repair kit with an excellent value for money is offered on Amazon at a cost of 3.54 euros with free shipping costs. The kit is not made with professional materials but does its job well and is better than many other products offered at higher costs.

Useful link: Bike repair kit

A pump must be associated with the repair kit to inflate the rubber once the bladder has been punctured. Also in this case the market does not disappoint and there is no shortage of very compact products, born to be transported fixed to the bike frame. Among the various market proposals we point out the pump with pressure gauge GP96A; The purchase package includes a bracket that will allow for easy transport by bike. The pump in question is offered on Amazon at a price of 13.99 euros with free shipping costs. We have reported these products because both have only collected positive opinions from users who have already tried them.

How to repair the inner tube of the bicycle

The guide on how to practicepunctureto the inner tube of the bicycle requires the use of the repair kit described above.

1). Find the hole
- If you are at home, to locate the hole, insert the swollen air chamber in a basin full of water, you will see air bubbles coming out of the hole ... here, you have identified the hole!

-If you are"On the road" you will have to exploit your sensitivity. Disassemble the bladder and inflate it with a pump: with your hand, try to locate the exact point that projects air outwards.

2). Prepare the surface
There is some very fine-grained sandpaper in the repair kits. Gently sand the various angles of the circumference of the hole. This will make your repair last longer.

3). Putty, glue or cement
Thoroughly clean the surface adjacent to the hole. Eliminate dust and traces of dirt. Apply the putty along the circumference of the hole.

4). Patch
In the repair kits for inner tubes there are patches of various sizes: choose the one that best suits the type of hole you need to perform. Apply the patch and press with your fingers in order to make it adhere better. Wait at least 15 - 20 minutes and check if the repair was successful by inflating the air chamber.

Inner tube of the bike, the cost

The cost of an inner tube is quite low. The most expensive air chambers (but also the heaviest!) Are developed to resist punctures, as is the case with self-sealing air chambers. The cost of a standard air chamber can range from 3 to 15 euros. To get an idea of ​​the prices and models, I refer you to the useful links.

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