Karelian bear dog: character and price

Karelian bear dog: character and price

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Karelian Bear Dog, in art" Karjalankarhukoira, is a dog that was born in the North, in Finland. Among the breeds originating in the Baltic areas, it wins "low-legged" for sympathy, it is certainly the most suitable for spending their days alongside humans rather than necessarily in the cold.

He shows himself very sensitive, he needs to pampering and attention, and also of space. It is definitely not an apartment dog and not even for lazy people since it is never doing nothing, or almost. Dedicated to hunting falls into the category of spitz-type and primitive-type dogs.

Karelian Bear Dog: Origins

The origins of the Karelian Bear Dog are very ancient, most scholars believe it to be a descendant of the Arctic wolf. He therefore comes from the Russian land but soon moved to the Finnish one. Its name is linked to the territory of origin, to the region of Karelia, in fact.

Always the Karelian Bear Dog it has been used in hunting, in various ways, although its specialty is bear hunting and moose hunting. He has always practiced it in the land from which it takes its name as well as on shores of Pagoda lake.

The first official breeding forms of this breed date back to 1936, the first club arrives in 1945. When the selection began to obtain the Karelian Bear Dog the idea was to create an animal that could show off great resistance and a robust physique. The ultimate goal was, and is, a dog that excels at hunting large game. Objective achieved, it excels, and is widespread in its homeland, less elsewhere, so far.

Karelian bear dog: cubs

The puppies of Karelian Bear Dog they never reach disproportionate dimensions because it is a breed classified as medium-sized. With this I do not deny that it has a robust and solid structure, with a musculature that is not at all obvious.

The trunk is slightly longer than the height at the withers measures which, to give us an idea, is about 57 cm for males, 52 cm for females. As for the weight, males are close to 30 without reaching them, females are under 20, between 17 and 20. So the Karelian Bear Dog he's not squat at all.

The limbs are rounded, he has a wide and long thigh, with good musculature that gives himtypical broad strides. The croup is broad, strong, the back is straight and muscular, and the head is almost triangular in shape when viewed from the front. The skull is broad, even wider in the area between the ears, it shows an unmarked stop, the muzzle extends a little pointed up to Black and wide nose.

The Karelian Bear Dog it has marked cheekbones and a muscular neck, slightly curved and covered with thick hair. From the head emerge, with high attachment, the ears, very straight, long but not too long, rounded at the end. The alert and ardent expression of the eyes is striking, small, slightly oval, brown, of all shades that can be explored but absolutely never yellow. All that remains is the tail, of medium length, carried curved above the back.

Black Karelian bear dog

The mantle of the Karelian Bear Dog it has an undercoat as well as a nice covering hair. The latter is smooth and sparse, visibly longer on the neck, back and back of the thighs but not exaggeratedly.

The undercoat is dense and dense, great for protect the dog from freezing temperatures to which he must undergo, at least until he expatriates. As for color, black is always present and basic. It is "the" permitted color even if it can tend to brownish and is often dotted with white spots, well defined, especially on the head, neck, chest, abdomen and limbs.

Karelian bear dog: character

The nature of the Karelian Bear Dog this animal is undoubtedly balanced, has a calm character, accustomed to cold and solitude, even if it loves to be covered with pampering and attention. And canine and human warmth. It is a breed with a reserved and independent temperament, self-confident and with a strong and evident fighting instinct.

Let's not forget that the Karelian Bear Dog was selected for hunting large wild animals. This does not mean that it is an aggressive dog, on the contrary, with men it never, ever is, even if it is a question of strangers. The situation is different if he has to deal with his fellow men.

As a dog it is not suitable for everyone, it is good for active people and who can ensure daily physical activity but also space for freedom. Not good in the apartment. Seen as a hunting dog the Karelian Bear Dog he has an extremely developed sense of smell as well as that of orientation, moreover he does not behave like a hound but prefers hunt in packs certain large mammals such as bear, elk, wild boar.

Karelian bear dog: breeding

This is not a very widespread breed except in its areas Karelian Bear Dog, in Italy for some years the number of specimens registered by Enci is about 40-50. The only breeding indicated by Enci for this breed is located in the province of Savona. Yes "dell’ Amoretto "and to be precise it is located in Magliolo (SV), on the site there are various explanations and characteristics, in addition to the litters and the specimens available.

Karelian bear dog: price

It is not easy for a dog to track down in the North to indicate an average price, also because it depends on the availability of puppies. We take into account that the breeding indicated by Enci is only one, so the best thing is to contact him personally. It would also be an excellent opportunity to be told about this charming breed by those who deal with us every day, to better understand if it is the one for us. Before you pay him, before you bother him.

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