How to keep crows away

How to keep crows away

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How to keep crows away: useful tips for keeping crows and crows away from the garden, balcony and vegetable garden.

In recent periods the number ofcorvidsit is growing both in the countryside and in the city. In this article we will give you the guidelines to turn awaycrows and crows.

With the increase in the number ofcorvidsthe other birds that populated our garden have drastically decreased, that isgoldfinches, sparrows, blackbirds… and other small birdlife. Of course, pollution and the massive use of pesticides are also complicit in this imbalance ... however it is undeniable thatcorvidsthey raid small birds by preying on adult individuals or by plundering nests from eggs.

Talking aboutcrows, often, we can refer to the speciesCorvus monedulacommonly calledjackdaw, this species looks a lot like a crow. The jackdaw was introduced artificially in many cities to counter the expansion of pigeons.

Between corvidsmore common ones that are sighted in the city we point out thehooded croworCorvus cornix (pictured above). This bird is mainly attracted to waste and is found mainly near landfills. Therehooded crowit is recognized by the contrasting color plumage, the gray on the back stands out and the rest of the body is black. It has a strong and dark beak. They are 45 cm long and can weigh up to 600 grams. In the northernmost areas of Italy, the hooded crow is replaced by the black crow (Corvus corone).

These crows feed on everything edible, previously they lived confined to woods and waterways, while today they go to parks and urban environments. In the countryside and in the vegetable garden, the crow can have a positive impact because it is a natural predator of harmful insects such as locusts and the grillot mole, it also feeds on rodents such as mice, moles and other voles. Unfortunately, landfills attractcrowsthat divert attention from the countryside.

Why has the number of crows and crows increased?

The fault is not of thebirdswho suddenly decided to colonize new environments, the cause is linked to poor management of the environment. THEcorvidsthey are animals that exploit a large number of food products and, being faced with a favorable food situation, have taken advantage of it. Below we will see tips for:

  • How to get crows away from the balcony
  • How to remove crows from the garden
  • How to remove crows from the garden
  • How to keep crows away from the chicken coop

Forward off crows and crowsit is necessaryremoveorreducefood sources.

  • - Avoid leaving the organic waste bin in the garden or out on the balcony.
  • - In the city, avoid throwing organic waste out of bins or in semi-open and easily accessible bags.
  • - Put pressure on the local municipal administration to carry out daily waste collection.

If you live in the city, know that your position is less favorable than those who live in the countryside: the city completely lacks the natural predators ofcorvids. Those who live in the open countryside can count on natural predators such as the sparrow hawk, the goshawk and the peregrine falcon (also present in several cities in Italy).

Fordrive away the crowswe must aim at improving the management of the environments. The problem ofcorvidsit is so felt that the Provinces are regulating periodic culling plans but this procedure alone is not enough to limit the expansion of these predatory and opportunistic birds. Corvids aren't just predatory animals, they are toonecrophages,this means that they feed on animal and decaying carcasses. To remove them from the hen house, immediately eliminate the dead specimens, arrange artificial shelters and enclose the hen house with a tightly meshed metal mesh so as to prevent crows and crows from accessing the manger.

In the photo above, the hooded crow.

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