Puffer, operation and info

Puffer, operation and info

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Puffer, operation and other info: how the puffer works? On this page we will explain thefunctioning of the pufferin relation to domestic heating and domestic hot water production.

Thepufferit's aheat storage tank. To understand thefunctioning of the pufferwe can compare it to the storage batteries associated with photovoltaic systems. The storage batteries of photovoltaic systems do nothing but store the surplus solar energy produced by the system in the form of electricity. Similarly, apufferit does nothing but accumulate the thermal energy produced in excess by theboilerin the form of hot water. This is what the puffer is for: not to waste energy!

Puffer, operation and utility

What is the puffer?It is a simple tank that has insulating layers so as to preserve the thermal energy contained in the hot water produced in surplus by the boiler. It is particularly useful in biomass boilers but goes well with any system that produces heat.

The operation is simple: in a biomass boiler, the puffer introduces already heated water and receives, in return, in the first phases, cold water. Puffer and boiler work in symbiosis until the water delivery and return temperatures are almost equal.

Thepufferis extremely useful in case ofwood-burning thermo stovesand it can also be useful in the case of a pellet system (even if many pellet stoves are equipped with intelligent control units that slow down or stop combustion to limit energy waste). Thepufferit is very useful in the case of a solar thermal system on the roof or radial panel heating with baseboards or floors.

To better understand thefunctioning of the pufferwe tell you that the domestic plumbing system that serves both the boiler (for the production of domestic hot water) and the radiators (for the production of hot water to heat the house using radiators or radial panels) must be connected to this tank. The operating diagram, in general, sees the boiler feeding only the puffer.

The boiler is constantly informed about the temperature of the water contained in the puffer via a thermostat (the thermostat is placed in the storage tank of the puffer). Thanks to the thermostat and the continuous exchange of data between the puffer and the boiler, the boiler can always "work" efficiently without wasting energy. In this way, the boiler's reference environment is no longer the domestic one, the system decides to produce more or less heat based on the availability of thermal energy (temperature) contained in the puffer. The thermostatic valves located in the rooms to be heated (on the radiators) are connected to the system pump and coordinate with the puffer and the boiler.

Puffer with gas boiler and pellet system

The puffers that we find on the market today are very diversified according to their intended use. The most complete have a coil for connection to the solar thermal system, additional coils for connection to the wood boiler or to the pellet system, coil to connect the gas boiler and pellet boiler. In fact, the puffer can work simultaneously with different types of boilers and thus allows to assist the work of the gas boiler with the pellet thermo stove. Other puffers are able to communicate separately with the boilers (electric water heater, heat pump water heater, solar thermal panel…).

The photo above shows the operating diagram of the complete system of combined boiler (fueled by wood and pellets) of the Gaselle Hi-Tech series associated with Puffer Combi and a kit of solar panels to maximize energy savings by exploiting renewable sources.

The product (a complete system Mix)produces domestic hot water, provides domestic heating and uses three different sources of clean power: wood, pellets and solar energy. The boiler has a power of 29 kW and implements a 200 liter pellet tank. It is associated with a puffer from the Trigenio range with a capacity of 1,500 liters. For information on sizing, please read the articlepellet system with puffer.

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