Natural remedies to keep insects away

Natural remedies to keep insects away

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Natural remedies to keep insects away: from apple cider vinegar to citrus fruits, here are some natural DIY repellents to ward off these annoying insects.

In the warm season, insects insinuate themselves everywhere; they buzz undisturbed in the garden, on the terrace and in the house! As clean as we can be, insects always find a way to settle in the house and in the garden, but it is good to specify that they prefer dirty environments, especially contaminated by food.

The first rule therefore is to avoid making our home attractive for ants, cockroaches, flies, etc. Keeping them away from balconies, sills and windows is not an impossible task, however; we forget sprays and insecticides that are toxic to the environment: it is nature itself that provides us with everything we need. In fact, thanks to the properties of some natural ingredients, it is possible to prepare some repellents at home to prevent insects from invading your spaces.

How to keep insects away with natural remedies

Repellents based on eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is one of the most effective natural repellents against insects
Already since ancient times it was used on the skin to ward off mosquitoes. Whenever you go to the mountains or to the countryside you can mix it with shampoo or moisturizer, in this way you will avoid the attack of these insects.

  • What we need

-15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
-60 ml of glass of water
-1 vaporizer

  • How it is prepared

1) Pour the eucalyptus oil into the water then transfer the mixture to the vaporizer.
2) Apply on the skin and rub until completely absorbed

You can also take advantage of its qualities at home: just make a decoction with some eucalyptus leaves and let its vapor spread throughout the rooms

Incense and candles

Plant-based incenses such as essential oils are very effective against small insects; in fact, lemongrass, palmarosa or lemon keep mosquitoes, flies and many other types of insects away.

All these elements can easily be placed in different areas of the house, including the garden or terrace. In the rooms we can put aromatic candles such as those with lavender or citrus.

Apple cider vinegar based repellent

Small insects cannot stand the acids contained in the vinegar and its pungent odor; obviously it doesn't exterminate them but it drives them away!

  • What we need

-120 ml of apple cider vinegar (125 ml)
-120 ml of water
-1 vaporizer

  • How it is prepared

1) Mix the water with the apple cider vinegar and pour everything into the vaporizer.

2) Spray the product in all parts of the house where the presence of insects is expected.

DIY mosquito trap

Among the most effective natural remedies against mosquitoes, we include the classic trap made with a plastic bottle containing some ingredients that attract them inside. The smell that is released, in fact, attracts insects that will remain trapped in the bottle.

  • What we need

-200 ml of water
-50 grams of sugar
-5 grams of yeast
-1 piece of black canvas

  • How it is prepared

1) Heat the water with the sugar and mix until a consistent dough is obtained

2) Cut the plastic bottle in half, pour the product into it and let it cool

3) At this point, add the yeast without mixing and insert the neck of the bottle as if it were a funnel. In a few minutes the carbon dioxide will start to build up inside.

4) Take a piece of black canvas to cover the bottom of the trap.

In case of cockroaches and cockroaches

If the pests that are invading your spaces are cockroaches, the advice seen in the guide could be useful.How to keep cockroaches away.

Laurel-based repellent

Bay leaves are an excellent remedy to keep away the annoying flies that fly around the kitchen. We can also take advantage of the steam released by its infusion or crush some leaves on a plate and put it in various places in the house.
Alternatively we can make a homemade spray to spray directly on the insects.

  • What we need

-20 drops of laurel essential oil
-60 grams of water
-1 vaporizer

  • How it is prepared

Mix the essential oil with water, pour the mixture into the container and spray using the vaporizer.

Citrus fruits

Most insects hate the smell of citrus fruits: why not use them to keep them away? Instead of throwing the zest in the trash, reuse it by cutting it into small pieces and placing it in certain areas of the house or in the garden.

It is worth remembering that, since these are ecological remedies, they are not as powerful as chemicals, but they are worth using to protect the environment and our health!

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