Comparison of hobs

Comparison of hobs

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Comparison of hobs: better gas or electric cookers? Induction hob, radiant hob, ceramic hob or pellet stove. Lots of information and reviews to understand which kitchen best meets our needs.

Let's face it, there is nobetter hob, it all depends on our needs and above all on our expectations in terms of energy consumption, type of cooking, desired aesthetic impact, research of technology and particular finishes…. Today the market offers really every taste! When you renovate or refurnish a kitchen, you can choose between:

  • induction hob
  • ceramic hob (radial or electric)
  • gas hob
  • electric hob
  • pellet hob

Induction hob

Let's start immediately frominduction cooker, undoubtedly among the most desired and discussed. It is true that the latest models absorb less electricity but the fact remains that those considering the purchase of an induction hob will still have to provide for an extension of the electric meter from the classic 3.3 kW to 4.2 kW. To learn more about the prices and consumption of induction hobs, we refer you to the pages:

– Induction hobs, costs
- Induction cookers, cosnumi

THEadvantagesof the induction cooker are in the ease of cleaning, in the safety of the hob itself (there is no risk of getting burned… unless you touch the pot!) and… they are very beautiful! Although efficient, induction cookers have high costs related to consumption and a purchase price ranging from 250 euros to around 2,000 euros for the most renowned and avant-garde models (which also interface with smartphones!). On the security front, it must be considered that it is not yet clear whether imagnetic fields generatedfrom the induction hob may pose a risk to human health.

Ceramic hob - electric

The heat is produced by an electric resistance that heats the hob in correspondence with the pot. They are not very efficient because the heat transmission process has a lot of dispersions. Among the advantages we see that it is easy to clean and has much lower prices than induction hobs: it ranges from a minimum of 200 euros to a maximum of 900 euros.

Ceramic hob - halogen radiant

The kitchen with halogen radiant can reach high temperatures in a shorter time when compared to an electric hob. In this context, the price drops further: purchase costs range from a minimum of 200 euros up to 500 - 600 euros for the most famous models.

Electric hob

Is an electric or gas hob better?
Let's say right away that the path less traveled is that of electric cookers: in the last year only 8% of the kitchens purchased were equipped with an electric cooktop! The electric hob, in general, consists of four plates or plates, each of different power and which is controlled by knobs or buttons integrated in the same hob. Those in doubt between an electric and gas hob can choose the kitchen configuration which includes four gas stations and a central electric plate.

The advantages of the electric hob are different. They can be a good solution for those who do not have the ability to house a gas accumulator at home or in the garden and do not have a connection to the city gas network. The prices are very low, so it can be purchased for a second home by the sea or for a small residence to rent. The initial purchase cost ranges from 150 - 200 euros up to 700 - 800 euros.

Gas hob

In Italy they are the most popular, representing about 92% of the models sold last year. They are economical, practical and work with all types of pots. The price ranges from a minimum of 100 euros up to a maximum of 700 euros for gas hobs with material coating glass ceramic. They are more difficult to clean but the cost of use is low.

Pellet heating cookers

It is aboutkitchensable to heat the home, better definedthermal cookers. Thethermal cookersthe best ones can function as authentic onespellet stovesthat integrate a hob! For all information, please refer to the articlepellet stoves with kitchen.

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