How to pass the straightener on the hair

How to pass the straightener on the hair

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How to pass the straightener on the hair: instructions to pass the hair straightener. Tips and tricks for super smooth hair.

Please Note
The hair straightener is a very energy-intensive device (it consumes a lot!) So when using it, be careful not to forget it active in current. Many hair straighteners turn off on their own but only after 60 minutes of inactivity.

How to pass the straightener on the hair

General rules:

  • - Thestraightener to straighten the hairit should only be passed on clean hair.
  • - The straightener should be passed over knot-free hair.
  • - The straightener must be passed on perfectly dry hair, so dry your hair well before doing it.
    Some models ofhair straightenersthey can be passed on still damp hair (they have holes to convey the steam released outside the body, if you have doubts about your model, consult the appliance maintenance booklet).
  • - Choose a soleplate with protective technology, which can prevent damage and breakage caused by heat.
  • - Apply heat protection spray beforedo the plate.
  • - If you have thin hair, use the lowest temperature available on the device. For thick hair, use a medium temperature ... Avoid using very high temperatures unless you have particularly curly hair and a good experience with the use of the straightener.
  • - Comb your hair before passing the straightener. As stated, the straightener must be passed on hair without knots.
  • - Clean the surface of the plates after use. This must be done because the heat protective spray tends to settle on the plate as well as anything you have in your hair (residues of shampoo, gel, hairspray…).

How to straighten your hair?

1) Do the shampoo. Dry and smooth your hair with a brush and hairdryer. Dry your hair a few strands at a time so that you can control all your hair and leave nothing to chance.

No fear! You don't have to split your hair strand by strand with tweezers just like hairdressers do. With wet hair it is much easier to keep control: manage the locks with a simple brush, square, round or flat according to the type of hair you have.

2) Activate the plate and wait for it to reach the set temperature. The manufacturers of the hair straighteners recommend setting the temperature according to the thickness of the hair, so we have: from 140 ° to 170 ° C for thin hair, from 170 ° to 200 for medium thickness hair, from 200 ° to 230 ° C for thick hair. We advise you to start with the lowest temperature and gradually adjust the shot according to your needs. Heat dehydrates the hair, makes it brittle, weakens it and can wrinkle it.

3) Meanwhile, pass your heat protection spray. Divide the hair into sections once again and begin to pass the plate starting from the root and reaching the tips.

4) Work strand by strand, pass the straightener along the entire length of the hair without stopping.

5) When the plate has reached the tips it is up to you to decide which fold to give: outwards, inwards or straight spaghetti effect.

How to have super smooth hair

If you want very smooth hair, just pass the straightener as explained above. For a shiny effect, you can use a silicone heat protective spray (which can damage the skin and, in the long run, make the hair greasy). Alternatively or in addition to heat protective sprays you can use natural oils that hydrate the hair put to the test by the heat of the plates.

For very smooth hair and a wet effect (this product eliminates hair volume, so if you like swollen hair, avoid using it), we recommend applying macadamia oil, a natural moisturizer and nourisher. The composition of macadamia oil, in terms of fatty acids, includes:

  • 60% from oleic acid,
  • 19% from palmitoleic acid,
  • 2.8% from linoleic acid,
  • 1% from linolenic acid,
  • 3% omega-6
  • 3% omega-3

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