Robot lawn mowers, prices and models

Robot lawn mowers, prices and models

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Robot lawn mower: prices and guide to the choice and use of robotic lawnmowers, practical tools to always have the lawn tidy without struggling under the sun.

Arobot lawn mowerallows us to always have a perfect lawn: tidy, well-mowed and low-maintenance, regardless of the type of turf grown. THErobot lawn mowerof the latest generation are silent, fast and automated.

Robot lawn mowers, advantages: why buy it

Anyone who has a lawn knows very well how much maintenance it needs: in hot or cold weather, the lawn must always be cut! THErobot lawn mowerof the latest generation are able to recognize the perimeter borders of the lawn, working in full autonomy.

Some models allow remote control, in practice the user can control therobotremotely directly from your smartphone by downloading an ad hoc application capable of communicating with the robot itself.

The main advantage is one: you have the possibility to cut the lawn even every 10 days without having to resort to a gardener or without giving up your free time.

Other advantages: it is small and compact, easy to store and does not need any particular maintenance.

How an automatic lawnmower robot works

The user will only have to set the desired height of the lawn and start it manually. Those who prefer can choose robots to be managed remotely, that is, start them using an application pre-installed on their smartphone or tablet.

The purchase is recommended above all for those who have a high maintenance lawn, which develops very quickly or for those who live in southern Italy where the mild climate favors the growth of the turf especially in the long periods of rain that intervene in the spring.

The cut performed by the robotic lawnmower it is precise and leaves no room for errors.

Robot lawn mowers, models and prices

Today, therobot lawn mowerthey have no size limits: they exist robotic lawnmowersuitable for gardens of different sizes, small, medium and large. Obviously, the expense is commensurate with the functions, autonomy and technical characteristics we are looking for in arobot lawn mower. For very large gardens, however, professionals in the sector recommend the use ofrider lawnmowerwhile for a quality / price ratio, our editorial team recommends the purchase ofrobotic lawnmoweronly for the maintenance of small to medium sized gardens. If you have a very large lawn or estate to take care of (dimensions over 6,000 square meters or with steep slopes (over 45 °), we refer you to the article dedicated torider lawnmowerRider lawnmower, guide to choosing.

Let's talk about prices!
It is difficult to say how much does a robotic lawnmower cost because each house has its own line and its price list that varies according to the guarantees offered, the technical specifications and ... the brand, it is well known that some brands charge more because their name represents an added value more easily in the sourcing spare parts, greater reliability of customer service and product life. For those who have researchedrobot lawn mower prices, some paragraphs dedicated to the most renowned products on the market follow.

Robot lawn mowers prices, Robomow line

THEpricesof the Robomow line ranging from around 1,200 euros up to almost 2,000 euros. Among the top models of the range we point out the robomow RC312 lawnmower model; the price of thisjewel of automationamounts to 1,820 euros. Easy to install (fully integrated wire perimeter) and is able to operate on an area extended up to 1,2000 square meters.

Robomow robots and the RC312 model can be controlled with an app installed on a smartphone. Not only can it start automatically but it is possible to establish a schedule by setting the lawn area to be cut and the cutting frequency (every 10 days, every 15 days ...). The robomow robot will be able to act easily even on the edges, not all robots can do it, then leaving it to the untete the task of delineating them with a manual edge cutter.

To get a precise idea of ​​all the prices of the robomow line and the features offered, please visit the page:Robomow Robot Lawnmower at Amazon.

Robot lawn mowers prices, Husqvarna line

THEhusqvarna robot lawn mowerthey conquer for their reliability and excellent quality / price ratio. ModelAutomowermanages to reach very large areas: up to 6,000 square meters of land and overcomeslopesup to 45%. It also works in the rain and in low temperatures. It also manages to avoid the obstacles it finds in its path and has an advanced cutting system.

THErobo lawnmower husqvarnathey are equipped with GPS technology so as to be able to operate independently even on small paths, corridors, the most difficult walks and slopes. Another advantage: when the robot is empty it automatically connects to the charging season.

Also in this case, a smartphone application is available that allows remote control and careful planning of the days when you want to cut the grass.

The price of thehusqvarna Automower 310 lawn mower amounts to approximately 2,000 euros.

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