Natural remedies for cystitis

Natural remedies for cystitis

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Natural remedies against cystitis: natural cures that help prevent and treat symptoms and infections due to cystitis.

Cystitis: causes and symptoms

There cystitis it is considered to be inflammation of the bladder walls. In most cases, this inflammation is generated by an infection. This problem generally affects women more than men, why? It is due to the different anatomical conformation of the urinary system of men and women. In women, the small size of the urethra and the proximity of the vagina to the rectum represent risk factors that cause more cases of urinary tract infections.

Cystitis, symptoms

- Difficulty in urination which may be slow and not abundant, and which requires excessive muscular effort
- Excessive need to urinate
- Burning and / or pain when urinating
- Spasms followed by an urgent need to urinate
- Change in the composition of the urine which may be cloudy and have a strong and unpleasant odor
- Sometimes blood or pus in the urine

Natural remedies for cystitis

Nutrition to prevent and treat cystitis

Thanks to nutrition, it is possible to prevent and treat virtually any disease (including cystitis!). The alteration of the permeability of the intestine is one of the causes of cystitis (due to the bacteria that can reach the genital areas connected to the urinary tract). Precisely for this reason it is essential to restore a balance of the intestinal tract and a prosperous bacterial flora.
To be able to rebalance the situation, it is necessary to eliminate (or at least drastically reduce) packaged food products, fatty foods and sugary drinks.

Cystitis, foods to be eliminated

- Potato chips in bag.
- Peanuts.
- Cookies.
- Chocolate.
- Ice creams (fruit ice creams are allowed from time to time).
- Carbonated drinks.
- Packaged fruit juices.
- Alcohol.
- Fried in general.
- Cheeses.
- Coffee.
- Sausages.

Cystitis, foods which help to counter it

A balanced diet, made of fiber, whole grains, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, helps prevent cystitis. Some foods in particular (such as blueberries and fennel) perform a purifying action on the urinary tract, stimulating diuresis. In this way, the bacteria that cause the infection are eradicated. Here are the foods that prevent cystitis:

- Whole wheat pasta and rice and bread.
- Fennel.
- Spinach.
- Salad.
- Cucumbers.
- Radicchio.
- Pineapple.
- Mandarins.
- Strawberries.
- Melon.
- Watermelon.

Remedies for cystitis: natural antibiotics

There are certain foods considered "natural antibiotics"Which in addition to carrying out a purifying function on the body, exert a real antimicrobial action.

Cranberry: the fruit against cystitis

Cranberries are American berries that are very similar to cranberries and have a bactericidal effect on infections caused by Escherichia coli. The antibiotic action against cystitis is guaranteed by the fact that the cranberries prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder. Like? Changing the chemical composition of the urine eliminates the problem in the bud.

Remedies for cystitis: grapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit seeds are rich in flavonoids (such as naringin, hesperidin, apigenin, neoesperidin, dihydrocanferol, quercetin, isosakuranetina, canferol) which have a high antiviral power recognized by many natural doctors. Grapefruit seed extract is obtained from the seeds and dehydrated pulp of the fruit. The natural antimicrobial action of the extract allows you to fight the bacteria responsible for cystitis without however altering the intestinal bacterial flora (essential for the body to protect itself from external attacks). Grapefruit seed extract can be purchased in the most well-stocked herbalists and shops specializing in naturopathy. Generally about 15 drops of solution 2-4 times a day are enough to solve the problem.

Cystitis, natural remedies: bearberry

The bearberry is very useful for fighting cystitis, even in its recurring manifestations. Within this fantastic gift of nature there are some substances, such as arbutin, which give it enormous antibacterial power. When the bearberry is ingested, it undergoes a real transformation process, releasing hydroquinone, the element that carries out the antimicrobial action. Bearberry is a marvel to combat the burning sensation due to cystitis problems thanks to the anti-inflammatory action carried out by the iridoids present in the solution.
When using bearberry to fight cystitis, it is very important that there is a "basic" environment in the body (it is therefore important to consume a lot of fruit and vegetables and small doses of sodium bicarbonate in order to alkalize the urine). Furthermore, this fantastic fruit is also very useful for the problems of diarrhea that often accompanies cystitis, thanks to a real astringent action.

It is possible to take bearberry in different "formats":
- In leaves to make an infusion, made with a tablespoon of dried leaves per cup, (to drink at least 3 times a day).
- In the form of mother tincture, 50 drops (to drink 3 times a day).
- Concentrated dried, 3-4 grams (once a day).

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