How to polish gold at home

How to polish gold at home

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How to polish gold at home: instructions on how to clean white, yellow or pink gold. Tips and suggestions for an effective DIY without contraindications.

Lovers of environmental sustainability will be happy to find out: thegold, in the house, Yescleansbest with a natural cloth made from 100% soft cotton.

In most cases, forclean and polish the goldjust impregnate a soft cotton cloth with a solution of Marseille soap and water. Gently rub your jewelry ingold with the cloth soaked in soapy water and then dry it with another dry and clean soft cotton cloth.

If this process does not work, there are specific products on the market for cleaning and polishing white or yellow gold. These are soft cloths impregnated with a polishing and cleaning agent; the best products on the market are also able to perform a protective action. Among the various options offered by the market we recommend the Jewelery cloth rags: a pack of 2 rags (already impregnated to clean and polish the gold) is offered on Amazon at a price of 8.95 euros with free shipping.

Useful link from Amazon: 2 cloths for cleaning gold Jewelery.

If thegoldhas come into contact with other metals or materials, it may have green or dark colored spots. In this case, the gold cleaning cloth may not be enough. On the market there are chemical products in paste, spray, immersion ... These are all more or less valid products.

Paste products can be more comfortable in the case of gold brooches in the shape of a lily, rose, flower or full of hidden corners. Equally valid are the products forpolish goldby immersion, they have the advantage of being quicker to use, more effective but seeing more waste. Also in this case we recommend a product from Amazon: polish for gold and silver by immersion, you can buy it at a price of 16.15 euros with free shipping.

How to properly store gold jewelry

To prevent gold tarnishing, we advise you to avoid using perfumes and creams when wearing them, or if you really can't do without them, you can get into the habit of washing your gold jewelry at least once a month. always using warm water and Marseille soap. Store gold jewelry in soft cotton or velvet bags, avoid keeping them in boxes and especially in damp drawers and cabinets.

How to do it yourself to polish gold at home

So far we have talked about useful products for cleaning gold but there are natural DIY remedies at no cost. These remedies are only suitable in the case of pure gold, not jewels soaked in gold nor in the case of jewels with pearls, rubies and other precious stones that could be damaged.

Boiling can be a natural method for cleaning gold: gold does not melt at a temperature of 100 ° C while boiling water will sweep away the dirt that has accumulated on our jewels over the years.

At this point, take a pure and soft cotton cloth and dry them. If there are still some impurities, repeat the process by adding a little Marseille soap to the water.

Even denatured alcohol can come in handy for cleaning gold and once again the soft cotton cloth will come in handy for rubbing and polishing the gold.

Remember that if you want a jewel like new, there is no natural remedy that will hold up: contact your goldsmith for a professional polishing or a second bath.

Avoid cleaning gold with vinegar or baking soda. Vinegar can dull gold and bicarbonate is more suitable for cleaning silver; to learn more, please visit the pagehow to clean silver with bicarbonate.

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