How to dry curly and wavy hair

How to dry curly and wavy hair

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How to dry curly hair and wavy: natural remedies and tips to have perfect, defined curls or to dry curly and wavy hair.

THE curly or wavy hair are the dream of many women but to get a defined curl or wavy effectordered it can be very difficult! There are many products for curly hair on the market but I assure you that they do not work miracles. The only solution to have curly and soft hair, provides long-lasting and constant treatments.

How to dry curly or wavy hair

If you don't dry your curly or wavy hair properly, you risk getting a result "frightening": frizzy, puffy and voluminous hair ... with indefinite locks that do not look smooth or curly!

Before seeing howdry curly and wavy hairWe give you some advice on shampoo: the shampoo should be applied on the scalp and roots, do not dwell on the tips and rub only on the length of the hair as long as it involves the skin.

Conversely, when applying conditioner, focus primarily on the length and ends. To have perfect curls, soft and well fed, you need to use a good conditioner every time you shampoo. In particular, in the summer, for protect curly hair from the sun or to avoid frizz, pass a nourishing milk only on the tips. As an alternative to milk, you can use natural products such as coconut oil or macadamia oil: make a pack to keep in place at least 4 - 5 hours before shampooing! It is true, it is tiring, but the hair will be soft, hydrated and nourished.

If you have any problems with kinky curly hair, follow all our tips and natural remedies to hydrate them by reading the page:how to nourish curly hair.

Blow dry curly or wavy hair: how to style your hair

After washing, pat your hair dry with a soft, very absorbent cotton towel. Avoid touching the hair with your hands and towel dry to remove excess water.

Before using the hairdryer, when the hair is still wet, apply a mousse to shape the curls. This product should only be applied to the tips. When choosing, avoid mousses that contain alcohol and prefer natural mousses for curly hair ... In fact, if you have a mousse for straight hair at home, you can use that too! If your rich is natural, no difference will pass!

If you haven't found a natural gel that can satisfy you, you can do without it! Like? Partially dry your hair. Then, take a lock of hair and twist it on itself until a sort of bun has formed… here, stop it with a clip! Based on your needs and your hair, you decide how many strands to apply this method. It is the heat that gives the hair its shape, so finish drying it like this!

When the curly hair is completely dry, remove the clips and finish with cold air to set the style.

If this method seems too cumbersome, use a hair straightener, but remember that heat is bad for the health of your hair; avoid the straightener to curl your hair and define curls especially if you have thin hair.

How to dry your hair with the diffuser

The diffuser is not recommended if the curly hair is very damaged and dehydrated but it is a very useful tool to obtain a wavy curly effect without too much volume. The diffuser helps us to manage humidity well avoiding the swollen effect.

If you dry curly hair with the diffuser, do it "upside down". Especially in summer, when curly hair is put to the test by salt and UV rays, avoid using a hairdryer and diffuser and try to dry them naturally, dabbing excess water with a sufficiently soft towel.

If your hair is very dry but you don't want to give up the diffuser, before washing, make a moisturizing and nourishing pack with sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. Leave the vegetable oil on for at least an hour before washing. Repeat the treatment at least once a week.

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