How to travel by camper

How to travel by camper

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How to travel by camper: tips for organizing a holiday in a camper. Observations for those who want to travel in a camper between adults or with children.

Have you ever had the desire to leave? Go away and leave it all behind? Traveling by camper gives you this opportunity because it gives you all the freedoms you need!

Take a concrete break from your life, break the routine, escape from everything and traveling in a camper with what is indispensable, with what is really needed. Many people ask themselves like is possible to travel in a camper, just think that there are those in camper lives there and very often by choice. The convenience of this means of transport should not be doubted and what is needed is organization, planning and a little practice.

Rent a camper for the holidays

If you find yourself reading this article, you will belong to one of these two categories: you have a camper and you are not satisfied with your travels, or, you want rent a camper to embark on an adventure.

As for the rental, base yourself on the real needs of your group. If you are traveling alone, do not take a camper too large, even if the rental price between a single and two-seater does not fluctuate much, consider that you will have to move from one country to another and fuel consumption changes as well as the costs transport by ship, lay-by and tolls In case of camper rental, aim to choose the vehicle that really reflects your needs.

How to travel by camper: the first vacation in a camper

Traveling by camper for the first time it is a very strong experience, it could also be a disaster, as happened to me, but every adventure is different, unique, so I will try to share "tricks" with you to travel by camper optimally.

During my first vacation in camper, I did not lack anything from a technical point of view, but I had made the most trivial mistake: the company was not the best, I did not know any of my 5 travel friends and I found myself sharing my intimacy with almost unknown people ! So the first tip is: travel with people you have a great relationship with. Small spaces are not a technical limit but they are in terms of sharing, so ask yourself "am I really ready to spend all this time in close contact with dude or dude? ". If the answer is "yes", then the main obstacle to travel by camper is outdated.

Another fundamental tip, going on an adventure is fantastic but make sure you do it with the right equipment. If you do not want to set your goals from home, equip yourself with a GPS with ad hoc maps that will show you all the parking lots and camping areas that you can find on your street. Numerous applications are also available for iPhone and Android OS.

Vacation with camper in trailer

Still on the subject of equipment, if yours is a Camper trailer, bear in mind that in the worst case scenario the tow hook could break. This is why you must have at least a couple of tow chains in the glove compartment for safety. In case oftrailer camper, be careful where you stop, unfortunately, thefts are a fact in many places in Italy and abroad. Theft of material on board the motorhome is very common in high-frequency tourist locations and there are cases where thieves aim directly at yourcamper! There is no shortage of gods on the marketRailerlockborn to block the trailer with a massive steel padlock. In the photo below is that yellow affair fixed intrailer.

A cheap Railerlock, on Amazon, can be bought for about 25 euros with shipping costs included. This will not put yourstrailer campercompletely safe but it will certainly be a good deterrent against thieves.

Best time for camper holidays

Choose carefully the period in which to leave with yours camper. High season involves a fundamental step: in the most popular areas it is mandatory to reserve a seat camper, so if for this summer you are thinking of reaching the Amalfi coast, be careful not to book and check the prices in advance, on the spot you could come across exorbitant figures. Always on the subject prices, it is good to take a look at the expensive petrol which, especially for these seasons, will be a sore point for all campers in the boot. Those on the border with Switzerland might think of one camper holiday beyond the border. In the height of summer, the only care you can take to lower travel costs is to refuel with theSelf serviceorHyper-serf(avoid the "served") and do it away from the weekends: in general, on Saturdays and Sundays petrol costs more!

Campervan Vacation: Food and Drinks

Traveling by Camper it's cheap but it can also be very expensive. The most classic example is given by food. In a month, who travels in camper you can spend less than 150 euros to eat but can also exceed 600 euros if you choose to join the dinner and lunch programs offered by the rest areas or local restaurants. Whoever wants to aim for savings, has to do is give himself to do it yourself cooking in the camper. Be careful, this does not mean that you have to equip yourself with a rifle and goggles to dive into the seabed and get some fish for dinner, nor that you have to explore the woods hunting for game. You simply have to spend your money wisely. Just buy well.

Stocks of food can only do you good, moreover, from personal experience I can tell you that there are foods that last longer such as, for example, fresh fruit: apples, bananas and oranges, are usually the cheapest, especially if seasonal and do not need refrigeration to keep. Onions, mushrooms and canned artichokes, as well as carrots and fresh potatoes, can be crammed into the glovebox away from the fridge. Frozen peas and spinach are readily available and can be cooked and substituted for fresh vegetables. Furthermore, no one forbids you to go shopping in a small supermarket near your lay-by. If yourscamperit does not have a kitchen, you can organize yourself from home with a small camping stove.

As for breakfast, the milk must be strictly skimmed and powdered. Do not prefer the long-life one because powdered milk takes up much less space and many also consider it tastier than the UHT that is on the market.

It goes without saying that rice and pasta are cheap and with the canned products mentioned above you can create excellent hot first courses (penne with cream and mushrooms) and cold (rice or pasta salads). If you want other delicacies for the palate, you can start from home with the so-called "crab meat", in reality it is fish pulp but with the shape and breading of a crab claw. Bigger packages are cheaper in department stores and you can stock up with other frozen products. Remember that bread can also be frozen or heated or toasted. In addition, with stale bread you can prepare excellent bruschetta to be seasoned with cherry tomatoes, garlic and a drizzle of oil. The tomato juice, combined with the oil, will soften even the worst made bruschetta!

Vacation in a camper: the lay-by

In conclusion, travel by camper it can only be a pleasure, pay attention to the choice of the lay-by. Always read the opinions of other guests and always remember to make expenses and reservations according to your real needs ... for the rest, what do you think about travel by camper for the Easter period? The holidays are short but a few days of trial will not hurt you at all.

How to travel in a camper with children

THEchildrenthey need a lot of space in the camper, especially if you intend to deal with very long distances. With enough space, children can play just as they would at home.

If you are planning a campervan holiday with children, know that you do not have to pack any suitcases because in the Camper you can organize your wardrobe just like you would at home. This is as true for you as it is for your children. Choose clothing appropriate to the climatic conditions of your itinerary.

Along the route, choose stops that can keep your children's enthusiasm alive, in this way they will face the restarts and travel from one place to another, always willingly.

Vacation in a camper, where to go

The beauty oftravel by camperis that there is no single destination because the entire journey is your destination! You can decide to vary the itinerary based on what you find while traveling. The "where" when traveling is always relative: it all depends on your expectations. Personally I love the hyper-equipped villages that provide you with every kind of comfort. Sports lovers can rely on the renowned International Club Camping in Jesolo, a renowned Venetian tourist resort in the province of Venice, which in 2016 was awarded the title of best Italian camping or village in the Sports category.