International Day of Peace: 21 September

International Day of Peace: 21 September

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International Day of Peace, it should be every day of the life of each of us, but since obviously it is not, this occasion was instituted on 21 September. A reminder but not only, also an opportunity for big bosses and ordinary citizens to rethink their conduct. And why not also make peace with the environment in which we live, in International Day of Peace?

International Day of Peace: when was it established

To establish this International day was theUnited Nations General Assembly through resolution 36/67. It was November 30, 1981, we are well over 30 years ago, and the chosen date is that of September 21. A day that welcomes us back to Italy, not too early to catch us unprepared, but still tan and relax, that yes, to have the patience and the desire to define good intentions for the new season.

It can be done reflecting to himself but also participating in organized initiatives in our city, by associations and groups, officially and otherwise, with the aim of making a strong message resonate in the International day of peace, so strong that it deafens those who threaten it every day.

International Day of Peace 2019: initiatives

In every major city this date is remembered with numerous initiatives. Not that the smaller ones are less active, on the contrary, but there is often less coverage in the media. Watch out for flyers, and ads in local newspapers, or Facebook groups that offer some interesting meetings. I would give particular attention, if I were you, to flash mob.

For those unfamiliar with them, they are fun and effective "Performance" in squares and streets, short and choreographic, who believing in the union that is strength, improvise a "show" to send a message. And if that of peace is launched in many, together, on the street, in an attractive way, it is perfect to let everyone know that it is the International Day of Peace. If we have one peace flag, must wave, the 21 September, it's a rainbow pin it can be a gadget to wear, even on a pinstripe jacket, for an absolutely commendable purpose.

International Day of Peace: the Pope's message

Also Pope francesco will surely speak of the International Day of Peaceinevitably, it has always done so and certainly does not wait until 21 September to mention this theme. He also spoke about it in an interesting document full of human but still religious insights. His figure is known for how he knows how to address those who believe but also those who are not entirely convinced, and yet he manages to find ideas to share with the pope and with those who, like him, have ideals of Peace.

In this writing from the beginning of the year, Pope Francis knows how to address to the citizens of the world, speaking of Peace in a direct, simple way and making it clear that it is a good that concerns us all. Particularly interesting, and perfect for the International Day of Peace, is the paragraph entitled "Promote a culture of solidarity and mercy to overcome indifference”, Full of proposals for those who are parents or educators, but also for those who every day sow messages with their gestures. Of peace?
International Day of Peace

Let's think about it

International Day of Peace: the role of the UN

As mentioned the International day of peace It was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly through resolution 36/67 which initially established that the third Thursday of September every year would be a day of peace and non-violence.

A day, therefore, when everyone would be warmly invited to stop all kinds of hostility, between countries, in a single country, between neighbors or counter, between friends and family. On various levels, regional, local, national and universal, the International Day of Peace it has become a day to communicate and devote to education and awareness activities. To understand that there is a need, just browse a newspaper that is not just Gossip, and even that would be full of small, easily avoidable disputes.

Since 2002, the International Day of Peace has been on 21 September and it is no longer necessary to count Mondays, the date must be remembered, and above all the need for peace.

21 September: World Alzheimer's Day is also celebrated

Coinciding with the International Day of Peace there is also the la World Alzheimer's Day, this year the sia is celebrated XXIVth edition and that of September is also the fifth World Alzheimer's month. The title of the communication and information campaign is an explicit invitation to take a greater interest in this pathology: "REMEMBER ME". Just a gesture, for example a click to the site to know more.

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