On the train with your dog or cat

On the train with your dog or cat

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On the train with your dog or cat: how much the ticket costs, rules of conduct and useful tips for transporting the dog by train.

This summer, to discourage the abandonment of dogs and cats in the summer, Trenitalia launched a promotional campaign that allowed travelers to buy tickets for their puppy at reduced prices. Between June and August alone, Trenitalia sold 35,000 tickets for 5 euros, destined fortrain transport of cats and dogs. Today the promotion has ended but it is still possible traveling by train with cats and dogs following!

On the train with your dog or cat

Since 20 July 2012, all Trenitalia trains, including the Frecce, can accommodate small and large dogs, as well as cats, hamsters and dwarf rabbits. The National Rail Transport Company has decided to transport dogs and cats following the agreement with Michela Vittoria Brambilla, President of the Italian Federation of Animal Rights and Environment Associations.

Dogs and cats travel for free on the train

All small pets that can easily travel in onepet carrierwith dimensions of 70 x 30 x 50 cm, they travel for free.

Each passenger can travel with only one pet carrier. In short, if you want to bring two dogs, you must travel with a human friend and therefore buy at least 2 travel tickets. The pet carrier can be placed close to you, or placed in the luggage compartment.

Guide dogs for the blind always travel for free and can access the refreshment areas and bars.

Train ticket for large dogs

Large dogs and all puppies that cannot travel inside a small pet carrier require a travel document.

Large dogs can travel by train if the user buys a second class ticket or a standard ticket at the expected price for the train used, reduced by 50%. Tickets for transporting large dogs on the train can be purchased at any authorized ticket office or travel agency.

Long-distance journeys require the traveler to book an entire berth or compartment.

On the train with your dog or cat, rules to respect

For those who want to travel by train with a dog or cat, there are othersobligationsto be respected. Here are the rules for those who want to travel by train with dog and cat:

  • you must have a leash.
  • The muzzle must not be missing.
  • You must bring the health card with all vaccinations in order.
  • You must bring the certificate of registration to the canine registry.
  • On regional trains, dogs are not allowed to travel at peak times which go from 7 to 9 (unless otherwise provided by local regulations) on weekdays (Monday to Friday).
  • Dogs and cats are not allowed to enter the restaurant and bar areas.

Traveling with a dog or cat on an Italo train

It is true that the national company is Trenitalia, however Italo also makes space with offers and ad hoc tickets to transport cats and dogs of large and small size.

As with Trenitalia, pets that enter a carrier measuring 70x30x50 cm travel for free on Italo trains.

As for large dogs and all pets weighing more than 10 kg, these must have a regular ticket. The cost to carry large dogs on the Italo train is 50 euros. The ticket for the dog must be booked at least 2 hours before the departure time. The ticket for large dogs, however, can only be given in conjunction with some specific offers.

Traveling by train with cats and dogs

Can a dog really go on a long train ride? It is difficult to answer in a universal way because like us humans, every single dog also has its own nature and inclinations. Some pets may be affected by the train ride and find it too overwhelming. In this regard, avoid taking too crowded trains and remember that peace must be guaranteed in the wagons.

The dog must have a behavior that does not harm the other travelers or the train itself, otherwise you may even be asked to get off at the next stop!

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