Drever: farms and photos

Drever: farms and photos

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Drever, from Sweden cold but friendly comes this dog inserted between the hounds and the dogs for blood trail. It is small in size, morphologically classified as Braccoid, with a rectangular profile and a compact and harmonious body, very muscular but able to be seen agile. In Scandinavia is one of the most widespread breeds, this one of Drever, officially recognized in 1953, in Italy it is still little known but who knows it exists, adores it.

Swedish dog Drever

And the Swedish version of the Dachshund, the Drever, but let's not see it as a simple duplicate, because it is something else. The international name of this breed is Schwedische Dachsbracke, everyone agrees on this while there are various hypotheses about its origins. The most convincing are two.

There are those who believe that the Drever is the result of crosses between low-limbed Hounds from Central Europe (in particular the "German Dechsbrake"And that of" Westphalia "), arrived in Sweden at the end of the nineteenth century, and other native dogs with similar characteristics. The other version tells how this little Hound had always been in Sweden, many centuries ago.

Drever: photo

From the images it is difficult to immediately understand the dimensions of the Drever, the males have a maximum height at the withers of 40 cm, the females from 30 to 38. The very robust and at the same time supple structure is more visible: its trunk is straight and a little turned, the thorax is well developed as well as the posterior ribs.

The Drever it has very strong front limbs, straight and parallel, the hind legs with muscular and wide thighs, its musculature, even compared to its size, is very developed and powerful, the tail is also large, long and carried hanging, never curved over the back .

Moving on to the head of this Swedish hound, it is large and long, with a marked stop and a square muzzle ending in a large nose and preferably black. The ears stand out wide, with rounded tips and the lower edge adhering perfectly to the head which gives a neat appearance. The eyes of the Drever they are very expressive, his is a clear, dark but only colored look.

The hair dyes admitted by the standard are innumerable, practically all, as long as there are white traces clearly visible on all sides. It is better then if the classic star and the collar, always white, and the white tip of the tail appear. For the rest, the coat appears compact and rigid on the whole body, shorter on the head, ears, lower limbs and upper part of the tail. The tail may have a kind of "brush effect", but never fringes.

Drever: character

It is known above all as an excellent hound, the Drever, and is often used in this role, especially at home. It is able to help in hunting various types of wild animals and is considered a specialist in roe deer, fox, and wild boar that even chases and manages to push towards the shot of the rifle. IS' a dog that has nose, he is quick and very alert, fairly intelligent and well trained if you don't take him too hard.

He is very fond of his master, he is faithful and devoted for life, in general it is not aggressive with people, if well bred to the company it is also a dog for families. However, it is important not to close it in an apartment because for the Drever it is essential to do daily exercise and being outdoors.

Drever: farms

In Italy at the moment there are no farms recognized by ENCI that keep this breed, you can try to inquire at your trusted veterinarian or from farms that treat similar breeds, Nordic or hounds. Sure he's not a city dog, so let's think about it before we start a difficult search. For us and for the dog himself who does not appreciate narrow and not very green spaces. He is used to the moors and the Scandinavian mentality!

Drever: price

The price of a Drever puppy it is difficult to estimate as it is not bred in Italy by structures officially recognized by ENCI. You can go to Sweden to find out its prices, and then it is good to know the most recurrent defects such as non-standard sizes, not pure colors, limbs too long or the head too short. Or you can go to the kennel in our area and see if there is a Drever style dog that suits us.

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