Stripping the wood, driving

Stripping the wood, driving

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Techniques for stripping wood: from the use of paint strippers to the heat gun, all the ways to remove paint at home.

To recycle wood or simply recover an old piece of furniture, thepaint strippingis the first operation to be performed. Therestripping of woodallows you to remove the various layers of varnish up to the bare wood.

Stripping the woodit is not always essential: if the wood is in good condition and the layers of paint are solid, it is possible to repaint the complement in question without removing the underlying paint. Conversely, if the paint layers are not very solid or damaged, thepaint strippingis essential.

If you try to paint a piece of furniture with a damaged surface, you risk creating unsightly swellings and spreading the paint on a base destined to flake in the short term. For more information on the restoration of an old piece of furniture, please refer to the articleHow to renew an old piece of furniture.

Stripping the wood: hot air gun

Therehot air gunis a very useful tool forstripping of wood even the most difficult surfaces such as can beshuttersand door jambs. The hot air gun is very simple to use, usually there is a selector that allows you to choose between predefined temperature ranges or a button that allows you to choose between "Power 1 and Power 2", just like a hairdryer .

Just direct the air jet and distribute it evenly on the surface to be stripped. The hot air gunsthey are easily found on the market but we recommend online purchases in order to guarantee you maximum savings. Among the products with the best quality / price ratio on the market, we point out the Einhell 2000/1 model proposed on Amazon at a cost of € 19.99 and free shipping.

We have reported this model to you due to the high number of positive reviews from users who have tried it firsthand. We ourselves used the Einhell hot air post to remove paint from a shutter using the directional nozzle (5 steel accessories come out) to reach the cracks. We used the gun for several hours using it at maximum power (position 2) and managing to remove three small shutters intended for restoration.

After administering heat with thehot air gun, it will be necessary to arm yourself with a cue to remove the old paint which heated will rise more easily. Therehot air gunreported works in a temperature range from 550 to 350 ° C.

Remove paint with sandpaper

If the surface fromstrippingis very limited, we can suggest the use of the cheapest sandpaper. This method is less invasive, safer, cheaper but definitely longer and more tiring. You will need to start with a sheet of coarse sandpaper to remove most of the paint, and then continue with a finer grit for surface finishes.

Therepaint strippingwith sandpaper is recommended only if the wood is very damaged and the layer of the old paint tends to flake.

For themanual stripping of woodwe invite you to follow the guidehow to renew shutters, the guide talks about wooden shutters but the same technique can be applied to any wooden surface.

Paint stripper to remove paint from wood

Therestripping of woodit can be performed by heating (with a hot air gun), by melting (caustic soda, chemical paint remover) or by abrasion (sandpaper, grinder, sander, scraper ...); abrasion is undoubtedly the riskiest method because a distraction is enough to cause damage to our wooden support, while melting withchemical paint removerit is the method least appreciated by the environment. The paint remover must be used in a well-ventilated environment and wearing a protective mask.

Before using the paint stripper to remove paint from wood, carefully read the instructions on the label. For the use of the paint remover, step by step and for advice on which product to choose, we refer you to the pageHow to remove paint from wood with the paint stripper.

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