Norsk Lundehund: puppies

Norsk Lundehund: puppies

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Norsk Lundehund, an almost unknown dog, at least to non-experts, originally from Norway and living only in those areas. It is classified as belonging to the Spitz type group of dogs and has a rectangular body covered by a very soft cloak. This breed has always been, at least at home, used to hunt the puffin, most of the specimens today are on the northern islands such as Lofoten. From Italy we can only see them in photos and caress them by reading their characteristics.

Norsk Lundehund: puppies

The puppies of Norsk Lundehund they have a head with a developed jaw from an early age, a pronounced stop and a tapered snout, ending in a black nose. The bright eyes betray the liveliness of these young four-legged animals, they are a bit oblique and with a charming yellow-brown iris.

The ears of the Norsk Lundehund they have a triangular shape and a very strange feature: the pavilion is made in such a way as to fold in a unique way, backwards and forwards, at a right angle.

The body of the specimens of this Nordic dog have a sturdy and rectangular body, with a broad and long chest and a elegant, slender but muscular line. The tail has a medium length and is very hairy, the limbs are strong and give a sense of stability, with oval feet that accompany this dog giving it a light and elastic gait.

Norsk Lundehund kennel

This Norsk Lundehund it is not bred in Italy, there is no structure that deals with this breed in particular and no specimens are registered according to ENCI. It was born and remains in its lands of the north of all or almost, dedicated to the hunting of puffins among the steep rocks of the fjords. Its origins are very ancient and over the years it has learned to be a friendly dog ​​despite the isolation in which it continues to live.

Norsk Lundehund allergies

You may hear about allergies in the case of Norsk Lundehund, but those that disturb him are not strictly allergies. As it turns out, in fact, this breed suffers from one intestinal disease (lymphagiectasia). linked to the fact that it developed thanks to the mating of related dogs.

When dealing with the puffin, it is very skilled and behaves like a retriever rather than a real predator: it brings the young of this species back to life, without even ruining the feathers by going to fetch them in the tunnels where there are nests.

Norsk Lundehund: character

Too bad they are so attached to their islands, because these dogs are excellent companions for humans. Seems strange, since they do not live in particularly populated areas, or perhaps for this very reason he developed this sociable disposition.

Gets along well with the owner and loves the company of other dogs too, they walk outdoors but also at home they are fine, indeed, they enjoy it, especially if they can be with the family, while alone they bark from boredom and stress. Since the hunting of puffins is prohibited, today the Norsk Lundehund it is used for agility, tracking, and for keep company with man.

Norsk Lundehund price

The price of the Norsk Lundehund it has not arrived as there have been no presence of specimens in Italy and in the rest of Europe, or almost. One of the features that most jump to the eye even from the images of this breed is the hair, thick and robust, with a soft undercoat.

On the head and on the front part of the limbs, the hair is short while it is more abundant on the neck and tail even if the bow is missing. As for the color, it varies a lot but must always be combined with white. There are Norsk Lundehund which tend to fawn or red but also gray or white with dark spots.

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