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Finnish Hound

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Finnish Hound, a dog that from the Scandinavian peninsula struggles to make itself known in the countries of its Europe, in fact it is not present in Italy, if not in very few specimens. Originally from Finland, it belongs to the group of hounds and blood trail dogs, has a medium size and a rather light body structure, inscribed in a rectangle. Dark but certainly not black, the fur of the Finnish Hound it is quite short, "comfortable" for a dog that is athletic and fast.

Finnish Hound: characteristics

As an adult, if male, theFinnish Hound it also reaches a height of 50 cm at the withers which drops to 45 for females, its body is rather elongated without becoming too thin, but it can be defined as having a light conformation. The limbs are perfectly straight, muscular and strong, his gait is in fact fast and easy, as a dog who has no problem making efforts.

The tail of the Finnish Hound it is long and carried like a saber, the muzzle and the whole head are instead the classic ones of sugugi, with soft but tapered lines, with dimensions in balance with the body. The strong jaws then taper towards the actual muzzle which ends with the black truffle and with well opened nostrils.

The ears of this dog they are rolled up towards the tips, otherwise they fall flat along the skull, with an average length and a junction at eye level. Dark and particularly expressive, the eyes are recessed in their sockets, have an almond shape and the look is brave and awake.

The colors of the coat are varied but there is always a black background, with spots that can be of various shades, from brown to acajou, usually placed on the lips, cheeks, throat, chest, eyes and legs. The Finnish Hound has the undercoat 12 months a year given the temperatures of the country it comes from, it is 2 cm long but also 5 cm long on the back, neck and tail.

Finnish Hound: breeding in Italy

As expected, there are no farms of Finnish Hound in our country and also in other neighboring states it is difficult to find who keeps this breed, perhaps because it is not well known. I see no other reason given its beauty and pleasant nature.

Finnish Hound: character

He knows how to orient himself like no other Hound, this one coming from Finland, and has a character suited to his role, highly esteemed and recognized by the most experts. The nose is another strong point and those who use it for hunting know that it is essential.

In the past the typical pred of the Finnish Hound was the boar, today it varies its prey and is often also trained to act as a guard and defense dog. Even in these roles he excels, while as a companion dog he is only good for athletic families and who can take him for walks in the green very often. He is good in character, he knows how to stay calm and don't make a mess in the house, but his active temperament by nature does not allow him to live peacefully closed in an apartment.

Finnish Hound puppies

The original name of this breed is Suomenajokoira, the puppies are very independent and already of medium size, with fur ready to protect them from the cold. They grow up without being able to unfortunately know their origins since no one has yet discovered them with certainty, surely it is a dog that has existed for many years but has remained in the territory where born without being "exported". The official recognition by the International Cynological Federation, in fact, came only after the Second World War.

Finnish Hound: price

So much is little known the dog himself that indicating the price would be absurd, certainly it is necessary to contact Finnish farms or someone who has contact with them, to better understand what value in euros the Hound Finnish. For now, we can know the most recurring defects, such as non-standard colors, clear eyes, poorly worn ears, depigmented nose, too long or too long hair on the head, too long or too short tail.

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