How to decorate the Halloween pumpkin

How to decorate the Halloween pumpkin

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How to decorate the Halloween pumpkin: how to carve the pumpkin on the occasion of the Halloween party. DIY Carving Pumpkin Decorations.

Preparing the Halloween pumpkin is simple and does not require special skills: of course, if you are a bungler you may have some difficulties with carving your eyes and mouth but ... with a little attention, you will come out with your head held high! In this guide we will explainhow to decorate Halloween pumpkinto get the classic symbol of this pagan festival.

ThereHalloween pumpkin well decorated, it can be used as a candle holder: a candle will be placed inside the pumpkin that will let the light pass through the carving of the mouth and eyes. The diffused light will give a ghostly effect! Therepumpkin, thanks to this tutorial, it will be transformed into ahalloween lantern or Jack-o'-lantern.

Jack o lantern is the classic Hallowee pumpkin: onepumpkinhandcrafted and traditionally carved to be used as a lantern.

Before explaining to youhow to carve the Halloween pumpkinwe will give you some advice on choosing the vegetable! Choose a pumpkin that is rounded and large enough to accommodate your carving.

There pumpkintraditionally used to give life toJack O'Lanternit is not edible, has an elongated and low shape and the pulp cannot be used in cooking. ThereHalloween pumpkin, since it is not edible, it can be found on the market at very low prices.

If to prepare oneHalloween pumpkinuse an edible pumpkin, we recommend that you do not throw away the pulp. The pulp of the edible pumpkin can give life to many dishes: from velvety to sweet or savory pies. The pulp of the pumpkin is useful in the kitchen for a large number of preparations. To get an idea, I refer you to the page dedicated torecipes with pumpkin.

How to decorate the Halloween pumpkin

Given that:

  • if you use aHalloween pumpkinborn for the realization of theJack o lantern, remember that it is NOT edible, so the pulp must be thrown into the organic fraction.
  • If you use a pumpkin, save the pulp for cooking.

To start, place the pumpkin on a well-cleared work surface that allows you to move freely. You can also lean on the floor, placing cloths and newspapers to protect the surfaces. Here's what you need:

  • A pumpkin
  • A knife with a long and fine blade
  • A bowl
  • A pointed knife
  • Some tea towels
  • A bowl
  • A candle
  • Spoon
  • Pennerello

How to carve the Halloween pumpkin

  1. Scalp the pumpkin! Eliminate the top by making a dry cut so as to obtain "the hat".
  2. With a spoon, begin to empty the pulp of the pumpkin. Remove internal filaments and with the cloth, wipe off any excess liquids.
  3. With a black marker, draw the face of Jack o Lantern. To help you, you can use the stencil technique; in practice you can download the shape of the eyes and mouth from the web, place it on the pumpkin and draw its lines. This way you will be sure not to make mistakes.
  4. With a smaller, pointed knife, start cutting out the drawn shapes. The carving starts from the outside. Keep going until you get the mouth and eyes.
  5. Let the pumpkin dry well for two days (if you have them available), let the "hat" dry as well.
  6. Insert a candle inside the pumpkin. Choose a candle that is low or already worn enough to radiate light towards your mouth and eyes.

Tips to keep the Halloween pumpkin longer:

  • Place the Halloween pumpkin in a cool, dry place.
  • To make the candle last longer, before lighting it, keep it in the freezer for a few hours.
  • Coat the Halloween pumpkin with aloe gel and other natural repellents to keep flies and insects away.

Halloween pumpkin stencil

To make the task easier you can use specially packaged stencil masks, on the web you can easily find your mouth and eyes but if you want to prepare more advanced pumpkins we recommend ad hoc stencils. Among the various products on the market we point out:

  • Set for decorating the Halloween pumpkin
    The set contains 14 evolved stencils (elaborate carvings such as witches, castles, bats, cats ...), 5 pumpkin carving tools and two LED lanterns that will give you 60 continuous hours of light. The price of the set is around 11 euros.



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