White hair, natural remedies

White hair, natural remedies

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White hair, remedies to prevent their appearance and to cover them without using chemical dyes. Natural solutions that do not damage the hair or scalp.

If on the one hand there is a certain fascination for “salt and pepper” hair, it is equally true that when i hair they begin to get too white is a psychological trauma for everyone.

As a matter of fact: i White hair they age us, there is nothing to do: there is no fashion that holds, the faded color, tending to white, recalls wisdom but also a certain seniority.

At a certain age, in fact, more and more people, both male and female, resort to dyes in order to cover the White hair. The hair dyes however they are saturated with chemicals, which in the long run could cause even serious damage to the skin and hair (not to mention the problems of allergy, hypersensitivity and the possible toxicity of some ingredients contained in the dyes). Of course, there are ammonia-free hair dyes but there is no shortage of more natural remedies.

Let's find out in this article how to solve the problem of White hair thanks to the use of natural remedies.

Natural colors for white hair

White hair, remedies with natural henna-based dye

When it comes to natural coloring, one cannot fail to mention henna. Henna is a product extracted from a plant of North African origin capable of coloring the hair in a gentle and natural way. In fact, when using this product, unlike chemical dyes, the texture and quality of the hair improves, they are more nourished and hydrated.

You can purchase pre-mixed or powdered Henna (which generally must be mixed with boiling water). Applying it is very simple, just let it act for about 15 minutes on the hair and then rinse. Even if the package promises a color close to blond or black, always remember that using heenna you can (always) obtain shades with coppery veins, brown tending to red. You can buy this remedy for white hair in herbalist's shops, in specialized shops but also in supermarkets and well-stocked shopping centers.

One of the main advantages of this type of coloring is that it does not break the hair, so even frequent coloring does not affect its beauty and health!

White hair, remedies with sage

Do you have dark hair and are the first signs of aging appearing? Did you know that sage is one of the most effective white hair remedies? If you don't want to use packaged hair dyes rich in silicones and parabens to solve your gray hair problem, sage is the solution for you. In fact, it seems that an infusion made with sage leaves can darken the hair and a counteract the appearance of white hair.

To prepare the infusion for cover white hair naturally, all you have to do is boil a cup of sage in about 400 ml of water for at least two hours. Make sure that the liquid does not evaporate completely and if necessary add some water. Once the infusion is ready, it should be used immediately (or rather, filter it, let it cool and use it!). The lotion can be used on wet but also dry hair. It is important, however, that it is left on for at least 40 minutes after which you can rinse.

To increase the darkening power of the mixture, you can also add some rosemary leaves to boil together with the sage: seeing is believing! You can use this method even once a week, without damaging the hair in any way, in order to make the effect even more lasting.

White hair, grandmother's remedies with coffee and cocoa

Coffee and cocoa to combat white hair are among the oldest remedies to be able to cover gray hair, let's find out how to enjoy the benefits of these solutions today.

If you want to use cocoa, just create a mixture in which to put half a cup of bitter cocoa and half a cup of honey. Use this homemade dye by spreading it on dry hair and leaving it on for about 1 hour. Then rinse with plenty of warm water.

Between natural remedies for white hair, coffee probably has the most covering effect of all.

For dye your hair with coffee just get a nice cup of tight, bitter coffee and pat your hair, trying not to leave any area of ​​the head. Leave the coffee to act for about 10 minutes and rinse.

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