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Window cleaner: user opinions on the best models on the market. Strategies for cleaning the house saving time, energy and money.

When we buy an appliance (especially if it is expensive), it is always advisable to inform yourself, in advance, about opinionsisreviewsof users who have already had the opportunity to test it firsthand. There are many forums and ecommerce which give us the opportunity to read the opinions others and leave reviews after trying a product. On this page, we will report thebest window cleaners on the markettaking into account the opinions and user experiences.

THEwindow cleanerare very practical tools used for cleaningstained glass windowswithout leaving streaks and without the need to use several rags.

Wash the window panes it is not an easy mission: you have to arm yourself with a bucket, a sponge, a special squeegee and a cloth to dry. The effort is a lot and often it is not even well rewarded: the halos and are just around the corner! It is in this scenario that awindow cleanerit can make a difference: it's practical, simple to use and delivers guaranteed results.

Window cleaner: opinions

Warning!Not all models are that effective. Better to take into account theopinionsof users who have already tested the products so as to make more advantageous choices.

Kobold Vorwerk VG100 window cleaner
Amazon price: € 239.99 with free shipping.
Official Kobold Store Price: 289 euros

“Outstanding product !!! In a few minutes, all the windows and mirrors in the house can be washed and dried beautifully without the slightest effort. "

The purchase package includes the window cleaner with support plate, 2 cloths, a detergent, a charger and a rod that acts as an extension. TheKobold window cleanerensures an excellent saving of resources: to clean an area of ​​20 square meters, only 80 ml of water and 2 to 5 ml of concentrated detergent are needed.

TheKobold window cleanerit is highly appreciated among users. The only onesopinionsnegative relate to the fact that it is not suitable for cleaninglarge windows (the cleaning surface measures about 29 × 14 cm) and which is too expensive. Another sore point: some users say it is difficult to grip.

The lithium-ion battery has a duration of 30 minutes, enough for cleaning the glass surfaces of the house.

Karcher, Classic Drip Cleaner
Amazon price: 59.99 with free shipping.

It is a very practical product and undoubtedly with an excellent value for money. Equipped with lithium-ion batteries (wireless) and has a suction surface of 35.5 cm.

Thiswindow cleanerits practicality is based on a fundamental fact: it is difficult to clean the windows because the water leaves halos and limescale residues.

The appliance is equipped with a sprayer with a microfibre cloth: an aqueous and detergent solution is sprinkled on the glass by passing the attached microfibre cloth. Dirt is sucked away with the light and easy-to-grip electric appliance. It has no reported defects: it does its job well and is appreciated for it.

Not just for window cleaning
All the window cleaner they are useful for washing mirrors, windows, tiles, shower boxes and other glossy / lacquered surfaces.

Steam cleaners

Steam cleaners are very useful when it comes to cleaning windows. With isteam cleaners the water is heated between 120 ° C and 150 ° C, thus transformed into steam capable of conquering dirt by exploiting supply pressure and high temperatures. They can be useful for cleaning windows subject to dirt (exterior windows). They are less practical than the products described above: there are no battery-powered steam cleaners so they are all equipped with the annoying thread, and some models are very heavy. They can be recommended for anyone looking for an "all-around" tool capable of cleaning tiles, glass and floors.

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