Tribolo, plant and properties

Tribolo, plant and properties

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Tribolo, plant and properties: information on the plant and natural remedies based on tribulus. Tips and benefits of using the tribulus supplement.

Tribolo, plant and characteristics

Its botanical name istribulus terrestris and it is oneherbaceous plantbelonging to the Zygofillaceae family. It is native to India and Africa but has also spread to the hottest areas of Europe, including Italy. It grows spontaneously in the stony soils of our coasts.

Theretribulus planthas branched stems that can reach a length of one meter. Small leaves and yellow flowers develop from the stems. The branched stems are creeping, that is, they develop on the ground.

The plant, in coastal areas, is popular for its thorns that stick under the feet of animals and those who decide to walk barefoot. The thorn has the shape of a tetraedo that resembles thetribulusused by the ancient Romans to stop and control horses.

Ltribulusit is used by Ayurvedic medicine to protect the liver and the urinary tract even if its popularity is linked to the benefits it could bring to male and female fertility.

Tribolo, property

The tribulus would be able to stimulate sexuality in the event of a drop in libido, it would improve male and female fertility and would be able to protect against liver and urinary disorders.

In particular, thetribulus terrestrisseems to havepropertyhormone-stimulants: it would be able to raise the level of LH in men (and therefore testosterone) and FSH in women with an increase in female hormones. The dry extract oftribulusit could cause a testosterone spike that runs out, however, within a few hours. Despite the short effect, tribble extracts are used asnatural remedyto combat the main male sexual disorders such as impotence and infertility.

Because of this property, they are very popularsupplementsbased on tribulus, the same supplements are also used for the tonic and restorative action: the active ingredients contained in the plant would be able to release new energy.

Tribolo, supplement

To benefit from theproperties of tribulus terrestris, the dry extract can be taken in the form of a supplement. Generally, herbalists and manufacturers recommend a dose of 85 to 250 mg, twice a day, or capsules to be taken once a day in the case of highly concentrated products; the intake must be associated with meals. Before taking the tribulus supplement, read and follow the information on the package. The assumption oftribulusas a supplement it is suitable for:

  • Counteracting decreased libido and sexual asthenia.
  • Protect the liver (it is a good liver tonic).
  • Counteracting inflammation of the urinary tract.
  • In older people, it can be a good tonic.
  • To stimulate diuresis and protect the kidneys (the dry extract contained in supplements is rich in potassium).
  • To support athletes in physical activity.

Where to buy a tribulus terrestris supplement? In the most well-stocked herbalists or by taking advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon, a pack of 120 capsules is offered at a price of 16.90 euros with free shipping. These are highly concentrated capsules, to be taken once a day.

Tribolo-based supplement, contraindications

Avoid the use of tribulus terrestris if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This supplement is not suitable for children. Other contraindications: do not take tribble extracts at home for diseases that depress the immune system or in the case of tumors. Before use, it is always advisable to consult your doctor.

If you are looking fornatural remediesagainst the drop in libido you may be interested in the use of pine essential oil.

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