Aphrodisiac foods: what they are

Aphrodisiac foods: what they are

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Aphrodisiac foods, often not officially effective, but "while we're at it" why not try it? Also because in almost all cases they are pleasant and simple foods to find and insert in creative recipes to propose to your partner or partner. As searches continue to find definitive proof of the powers of the aphrodisiac foods, we begin to know them better and to distinguish their specific properties.

Aphrodisiac foods: what they are

As we will see, often i aphrodisiac foods they are not such because someone, in ancient times, attributed to them miraculous powers inherent to sexual sphere and carnal desire. These are foods that have proven physical benefits that have to do with hormones or with parts of the body linked to sexual aspects even from the mere "technical" side.

Aphrodisiac foods: which ones are for him

Man definitely has more aphrodisiac foods to take advantage of, perhaps the least known is the maca. This is the gingseng Peruvian, also energizing, appreciated because stimulates fertility. It can be used to treat disorders related to the sexual apparatus, including women, but it is recommended to combat male impotence and decreased libido. The bananas, often recommended to athletes, they are also fundamental for the formation of testosterone and therefore deserve the reputation of the perfect male aphrodisiac. Rich in potassium and vitamin B6, they also contain particular enzymes that increase libido.

Mainly dedicated to males, among the aphrodisiac foods we also find the truffle whose properties have been known since ancient times even if not yet scientifically proven.

This ingredient has a stimulating power for humans, while it does saffron would be able to improve male sexual performance if consumed regularly. For males and females, saffron stimulates circulation and awakens the senses.

Aphrodisiac foods: which ones are for you

Thanks to the high content of vitamin E, the unsuspected almonds they are one of the most recommended aphrodisiac foods for women who will see their sexual desire increase by munching on them. Few people know this effect, the most well-known and heralded is that of chocolate, especially if extra dark and with cocoa beans.

Not to make racism between types of chocolate: cocoa beans are those to be included in the list of aphrodisiac foods and dark chocolate contains a higher percentage. Rich in bioflavonoids, this food dilates the arteries and promotes circulation, improving blood circulation.

Aphrodisiac foods: recipes

With the aforementioned ingredients you can invent or copy a thousand and more recipes, even mixing them so that the same cake or a savory dish is an aphrodisiac for both her and him. For this I want to recommend a book that weaves recipes of cooking with recipes of life, written by the excellent pen of Isabele Allende. Is titled "Aphrodite. Stories, recipes and other aphrodisiacs”And cannot be missing in the library of a couple who are passionate and experimenting with flavors.

Aphrodisiac foods par excellence

I have not forgotten and I certainly do not want to mention the most successful aphrodisiac foods, suitable for both males and females. I'm talking of chilli, ginger and gingseng: all three stimulate circulation, improve performance and awaken desire.

Let's start with chilli, the most famous natural aphrodisiac, to ignite desire and passion. It does this because it is a vasodilator, raises the body temperature and tones the walls of the arteries. The ginger, on the other hand, it has more of a restorative and tonic effect, it treats cases of impotence as well as asthenia, it's okay even if we are tired and we don't care about aphrodisiac powers linked to the increase in the flow of blood to the sexual organs.

In addition to being a tonic, stimulant, gingseng is one of the Most effective and loved aphrodisiac foods, currently, and has been used as a natural viagra in the East, since ancient times.

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