Batata: properties and recipes

Batata: properties and recipes

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Batata, not to be confused with the red potato, it is a rare but precious tuber, for our health as well as for the variety in the kitchen seen how well it fits into so many recipes. To date it is believed to be in the top five of the healthiest vegetables in the world, a result that we owe to the high concentration of beneficial substances for our body. It not only contains some inside, but also in the skin, indeed, especially there.

Raw batata

Let's start immediately to explain why talking about red potatoes or sweet potatoes are two different things. Our rare tuber with the "B" can be also eaten raw, the potato, no, usually. But that's not all: it is also possible to eat the peel, it is strongly recommended not to remove it but just wash it and enjoy it, in a rich salad, for example.

Everyone can choose according to their tastes, but do it aware that cooking Batata means losing some of its beneficial effects. Fortunately not many, because of the cooking process it keeps all the nutritional values ​​almost intact.

Batata: ownership

Who do we have to thank for the fact that Batata is eaten today in Europe too, Christopher Columbus, given that the tuber originates from theSouth America. With it, on the other side of the Atlantic, it has brought many useful substances to our tables, including a lot of fiber, vitamins A and C, and even a little bit of B and E, some proteins and mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium.

In botany the name changes to Ipomea batatas, but it remains rich in flavonoids and anthocyanins which make Batata an excellent antioxidant food. One of the reasons I predict it will become more loved than ever is the fact that has an anti-aging power, it is already found in the composition of some anti wrinkle creams, as an extract.

Batata: glycemic index

The second reason for the future and probable popularity of B is its action in reducing cholesterol and blood sugar thanks to a substance it contains, known as Cajapo. While we're at it, I specify that it's in the peel, so if we're aiming for this property, let's not take it off.

Studies have been carried out on this important effect and it would seem that in countries where the potato is consumed more frequently raw there are less people with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and anemia. The areas studied are located in Japan.

Batata: recipes

Of recipes with the Batata there are many, I'm not listing them, but I'm not kidding you. Even if you can't find them online, trust us: in any dish where normal potatoes or pumpkin orange appear, we can also insert the our rarest tuber.

Flavor is somewhere in between between potato and pumpkin, so it will certainly not disappoint us, and the consistency remains very similar: even if we are not experienced chefs, we will not encounter difficulties. Let's imagine already preparing a potato risotto, a flan, a pie.

Roasted potatoes

Still on the subject of potatoes, why not also prepare baked potatoes? It's as simple as it is with the tuber it starts with "P", the difficulty is finding. There are shops attentive to organic or slightly odd tubers and vegetables that sell it but it is not so obvious.

I recommend also trying in city markets, or in shops of South American food. There is also the possibility of growing Batata on your balcony, if we enjoy a warm climate. The seeds are easily available on Amazon for 10 euros. It is a plant that is well suited to sunny Italy and that does not require too much care.

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