How to remove moles from the garden

How to remove moles from the garden

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How to drive moles away from the garden, without being violent but by getting rid of an animal that can become annoying even if, basically, it helps to capture unwanted parasites. Not only that, before asking ourselves how to remove moles from the garden, let's also take into account the fact that when they dig their tunnels, help aerate the soil.

We evaluate well and, if we find ourselves having to defend against their hyperactivity in our green space, here are some suggestions on how to remove moles from the garden without effort but also in full respect of this animal.

How to drive moles away from the garden with bottles

Even "armed" with the sun bottles we can find out how to remove moles from the garden effectively. We can capture them by looking for one of their galleries and placing the bottom of a bottle on its opening. A little patience and the animal falls into a trap, all that remains is take it away from our garden and free it.

How to remove moles from the garden with sound

We do no harm to moles but we can also keep them away forever emitting sound waves. Let's just equip ourselves with a suitable device and moles, known for orienting themselves with hearing and smell, will want nothing more than get away from us, annoyed.

Also on Amazon you can easily find gizmos such as Drillpro Mole Solar Repeller Ultrasonic Animal with motion sensor, also suitable for rather large gardens.

How to remove moles from the garden with leftovers

The idea of ​​seeking is win win and very green how to remove moles from the garden with leftovers. We recycle food that should instead be thrown away and we also get rid of a nuisance of one presence become invasive.

Instead of placing garbage cans in the open, perhaps even near the vegetable garden, we create an ad hoc area, isolated and distant, where moles are attracted by the leftovers and start digging, creating dens only there.

How to remove moles from the garden with a cat

A cat it is not only useful for mice, moles also do not like its presence and will certainly not want to share our vegetable garden or garden with this feline. If then we adopt a cat and leave it free to roam in the garden, we will no longer have to wonder how to remove moles from the garden. They will go away by themselves, annoyed or frightened by our "tiger" at home. For those who are convinced that the cat is the answer, here is "All breeds of cats”To choose from.

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