Asbestos removal bonus

Asbestos removal bonus

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Asbestos removal bonus: let's find out what this incentive is and how it works, requirements and procedures to follow to submit the application.

To protect everyone's health, the so-calledasbestos removal bonus. The incentive is governed by the Ministerial Decree of 15 June 2016. Let's see in detail what the proceduresto follow in order to obtain the benefit.

Asbestos removal bonus for businesses

In this article, when we talk about asbestos removal bonus we refer to the so-called tax creditreserved for business income holders.

The state has allocated 17 million euros for companies that carry out interventions of asbestos remediation. For the bonus dedicated to individuals, please refer to the dedicated page: Incentives for asbestos removal.

Asbestos removal, legislation

As already mentioned, the asbestos bonus is governed by Decree of June 15, 2016, the decree is from Minister of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, in accordance with the Minister of Economy and Finance.

What is the asbestos removal bonus and how does it work

The Minister of Economy and Finance in collaboration with the MATTM (Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea) has made available an incentive for companies that invest their money for remove asbestos from its own infrastructure. The bonus is granted in the form of a tax credit and it is necessary to comply with certain requirements to obtain it.

Asbestos removal bonus with business credit: who is entitled to

They can benefit from the asbestos removal bonus 2017 the subjects who, pursuant toArticle 2195 of the Civil Code, They are considerate holders of business income. All companies are entitled to the incentive, regardless of the legal nature of the company or its size.

Incentives for asbestos removal, conditions

In order to take advantage of the asbestos removal bonus it is enough simply to have carried out remediation work, then removal and disposal of asbestos. The operations must be carried out on goods and production facilities located in the national territory. Furthermore, the interventions for which it is possible to request it tax discount they have to be done within a specific time frame, which goes from 1 January to 31 December 2016. All work carried out on dates that go beyond this period are not considered useful to access the benefit.

Asbestos removal bonus, requirements

First of all, to request the incentive, each expense must be documented with the relevant invoice signed by the person who provided the service. Not all expenses are eligible for the bonus. Even if the costs are borne by a person with business income and even if the investment was made for asbestos removal, it is necessary to comply with certain limits established by law. In fact, a minimum spending threshold has been established (below which it is not possible to request the incentive) and a maximum spending threshold.

The asbestos removal bonus it can be requested if the expense incurred for the reclamation interventions is higher than 20,000 euros but less than 400,000 euros.

Asbestos removal bonus, for what expenses?

They are among the expenses for which it is possible apply for the 2017 asbestos removal bonus tall the interventions carried out for the remediation of asbestos present in roofs and / or artifacts (including plates, pipes, containers for transport and storage of materials etc.) whose costs were borne directly by the company. Even the money spent on consultancy and technical expertise is part of the expenses needed to obtain the incentive.

Asbestos removal bonus: who is not entitled to

  • Individuals and companies in the agricultural sector (pursuant to art. 32 of Presidential Decree 917/1986)
  • Individuals and companies engaged in the fishing and aquaculture sector (EU Regulation no. 717/2014)
  • Individuals and companies that deal with the provision of Services of General Economic Interest (SGEI) referred to in European Regulation no. 360/2012 of the Commission.
  • Individuals with an income as self-employed workers (pursuant to Article 53 of the TUIR).
  • Non-commercial entities (unless they are holders of business income, in that case they are among the possible beneficiaries of the bonus).
  • Associations not having a defined legal personality (in practice those aggregations created to exercise art and professions in an associated manner)

Asbestos removal bonus: how to apply

There question of the asbestos removal bonus can only be submitted online via the portal made available to the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea. The asbestos removal bonus request form therefore it must be completed directly by registering on the site.

Asbestos removal bonus: application deadline

It is possible to submit an application to request the 2017 asbestos removal bonus from 16 November 2016 to March 31, 2017 (more precisely by 11.59 pm on March 31st).

Asbestos removal bonus: how much is it due

The state has allocated well 17 million euros to be allocated to the fund intended for asbestos removal bonus . The bonus is granted in the form of tax credit.

Asbestos bonus tax credit amount
With the eternity removal bonus a tax credit is recognized, the amount of which is equal to 50% of the costs incurred.
It should be noted that depending on the type of company, the amount of the contribution may vary.

  • Companies working in the road freight transport sector on behalf of third parties are entitled to a maximum amount of paria 100,000 euros.
  • All other companies can take advantage of a tax credit equal to 200,000 euros.

Warning! The incentive for the removal of asbestos is active until the end of the funds.

We remind you that the contribution will be paid to the legitimate beneficiaries, until the allocated funds are exhausted, this means that it is not certain that all companies entitled to the incentive will collect the same sums.

Tax credit for asbestos removal: what it is and how it can be spent

The tax credit it is a credit that the company can use to pay debts to the tax authorities or to pay taxes. This credit must be divided into three annual installments. Respectively for the tax periods 2016-2017-2018. The sums of the contribution are divided equally (therefore all the shares are of the same amount).

Tax credit: refund

The tax credit cannot be converted into cash, it is not possible to request a refund in the tax return.

Asbestos removal bonus: how many applications can be submitted?

Each business income holder can submit one or more requests, (one for each intervention of asbestos remediation). Of course, the maximum amounts of the incentive remain the same (for example, if a road freight company has already benefited from an incentive of 50,000 euros, it will be entitled to another 50,000 euros for subsequent interventions, not an extra I).

Asbestos removal bonus for individuals

Can property owners apply for the incentive?

Citizens can request the asbestos removal bonus only if they have tax income and if activities related to their business are carried out in the property they own. Private individuals can access the restructuring bonus with a 50% tax deduction linked to the interventions ofeternity removal. The 50% tax relief is provided for all individuals, the methods of accessing the incentive are available on the page:restructuring deduction.

Asbestos removal bonus for those who do not own a property

If the taxpayer is the owner of business income but is not the owner of the property for which the remediation interventions were carried out, he can still request the asbestos removal bonus 2017 provided it has a written declaration from the owner authorizing him to carry out asbestos removal work

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