Ground turtle enclosure

Ground turtle enclosure

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Land turtle enclosure, not a simple fence built and bought to be stuck in the garden room but a space that we want to dedicate to these silent animals that have every right to stay in a suitable, spacious, peaceful, well-lit place.

The main criterion to refer to when we want create a turtle enclosure for land, is that of the size of the area we delimit: it must be large enough to allow them freedom of movement. They are not hyperactive but that doesn't mean they love being squeezed together or against a wall. If we place it in the garden, also pay attention to foresee that there are sunny areas but not only clearings, even a few pieces of shadow.

Ground turtle enclosure

Since they can reach thirty years of life, it is better to provide for build or purchase a Land Turtle Enclosure that is resistant as well as suitable. In captivity, these animals can actually live for a century!

That said, we need to treat them well anyway, not assuming they are basic long-lived, and that means offer them plenty of space, since in nature they have it and they enjoy it a lot. Day after day, decade after decade.

Ground turtle enclosure in the garden

Choose an area so that the Ground turtle enclosure both partly in the sun and partly in the shade, let's keep in mind another important aspect related to the nature of this cute animal. He loves to dig and climb, therefore let us not limit ourselves, lazy, to prepare a fence or a simple net, but a support that delimits that is at least seventy centimeters high.

Even in depth, the enclosure must limit, because the turtles dig and we could find them walking on the other side of the garden with their convenience carapace,after they created a gallery to escape.

If a wire mesh would be interesting, for to be able to look at them, observe them, photograph them, we keep in mind that if we see them, they see us and everything that can intrigue and attract them. A constant temptation to escape, yes Climb the Ground Turtle Enclosure with the strong risk of overturning and dying, "cooked" by the sun.

Another potential danger could be the presence of birds, as a precaution we can cover everything with a net, an operation which from recommended becomes mandatory if our turtles are small in size.

Turtle enclosure: how to build it

To make a Turtle enclosure of earth with our own hands we will need a lot of wire mesh and a few small wooden beams. For calculate numbers and distances, we first establish the area to be delimited, remembering that the space left to provision will have to be quite broad.

To get an idea: one adult turtle it needs at least five square meters and if there are more in the same enclosure, know that they don't like piles. If we are building the Enclosure for ground turtles outside, we must also prevent the rainwater from stagnating, so the area must be slightly sloping, while we are at it, we will also create a small house that serves as a shelter, Wood.

Enclosure for water turtles

The Enclosure for water turtles is actually a pond, you can make one by choosing from various types that can be divided in a simple way, into two categories. THE preformed ponds they are the simplest to build, they consist of a tub in plastic material to be positioned, but this is limiting if you think that we remain at the mercy of what the market offers, as tubs, both in terms of aesthetics and dimensions.

The alternative is ponds with PVC sheet: it takes more effort but we will be rewarded with the great freedom of being able to adapt our enclosure for water turtles according to the shape and color that best fits our home or our corner of greenery.

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