DIY carnival masks

DIY carnival masks

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DIY carnival masks to have fun with others without too much expense. Indeed, proudly displaying their costume, the most original of the company. Why DIY carnival masks it does not only mean saving and recycling but also “unique pieces”, embellished by our imagination. Another advantage of do-it-yourself is that it can become an opportunity to create a dress or a mask together with little costume wearers, increasing harmony and having fun, beyond the result.

DIY carnival masks with paper

With paper you can easily build DIY carnival masks to cut out and color. Of course, not all subjects are suitable for this type of realization and support, but some seem to be made on purpose. For example the mask from Yoda, the funny character from Star Wars, or the one from Hello Kitty, they will look great with paper.

Others DIY carnival masks with paper to try are the one with fearful eyes, to be drawn yellow, large and veined with red, and the one of a shy man, with a brown paper bag and two holes for the eyes.

You can indulge yourself with numerous subjects taken from tradition but also from current events, from cinema as well as from books. Enough then draw the silhouette, to be printed, cut out and worn better if colored.

DIY carnival masks with fabrics

The best DIY carnival masks with fabrics are the superhero ones because just the cape is almost enough. A cape and a bib that bear the symbol of our favorite hero, be it Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman or Paperinik for Donald Duck fans.

They are all DIY carnival masks which have no size and can also be used for several years in a row or passed to the younger brother, who will modify them according to his taste. As it should be.

DIY carnival masks by recycling

The mask born by recycling is the best of all DIY carnival masks from recycling. I refer to Harlequin. Those who do not know its history do not know that she was born to help a so-called Bergamo child, who being too poor found himself without a dress on the day of school carnival party.

All the companions had wonderful clothes and he was the only one with nothing because he was too poor. The mothers of his friends, seeing him so sad, have joined the many scraps of fabric left from their own creations composing a splendid dress for Harlequin. The best! Today it is one of DIY carnival masks easy to make in fabric and with maximum yield.

Green DIY carnival masks

The Gree DIY Carnival Masksn, with an ecological soul, are those dedicated to animals. What better time, a cheerful party, to remember the beauty and importance of our friends. Let's do it by building a lion or a butterfly costume, or a dog or cat costume if we prefer. With a green jumpsuit and a well-decorated hat, we transform into lizards, but with a little cunning we can also make a fox costume.

DIY Carnival Masks: Books

Who has not yet found a mask that fully satisfies him, do not give up on dressing up and on participate in the Carnival that fills the streets with color. You can find many original and easy to implement ideas to transform or transform your children, grandchildren or cousins ​​into knights or elves, queens or astronauts, in this book: "Many masks for Carnival”At 6 euros on Amazon.

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