Sleep quality: tips

Sleep quality: tips

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Sleep quality, perhaps more important than the quantity, and those who try to go to bed early and then sleep in fits and starts, getting up not rested and also quite nervous from the futile efforts made in the night know it well. Sleep Quality is often related to character, it is said that an outgoing, energetic, hard-working, ambitious and self-confident person generally sleeps less than the unsatisfied one, neurotic or depressed, but varies greatly from person to person. That is why it is important to find your own pace and balance. Whether we spend 5 or 9 hours lying in bed, what to do we have to look after is the quality sleep.

Sleep quality: meaning

During sleep there is a lowering of the level of consciousness, biological functionality is reduced, all this is essential for our survival, and also for our both physical and psychological balance. This applies to us humans but also to animals.

Beyond age, those who are in good health have aexcellent sleep quality, what varies is the duration. In general, the daily requirement of "snoring" decreases with increasing age.

Extreme example are infants and the elderly, the former who sleep even 18 hours a day, the latter who often manage with 4 hours a night. But even going from adolescence to maturity, from 10 years in 10 years up to the over 70 range, we tend to sleep less and less hours. It does not at all mean that, as we age, we are required to give up satisfactory sleep quality. Maybe little, but good.

Sleep quality: phases

Sleep has been studied and re-studied by numerous experts who have subjected their human "guinea pigs" to tests to monitor them brain waves, electroencephalogram and electrooculography, useful for keeping track of eye movements. Electromyography, similarly, detects muscle ones.

Today there are two main phases, that REM with a rapid, desynchronized sleep, called "paradox", and that NON - REM, of slow, synchronized sleep, called "orthodox".

When we hide under the duvet, or just a sheet, the phase of falling asleep begins, between wakefulness and light sleep, and then move on to a sleep in which the conscience is dormant and the muscles relax. Deep sleep finally begins to get to the stage "effective deep" sleep in which our body regenerates and brain waves are slow.

The phase NON-REM it is essential for our well-being, it gives space to a high production of growth hormone, even REM can not be missing because it increases blood flow to the brain. If someone wakes us up in REM sleep or deep sleep, they will find us particularly nervous and stressed for the following hours.

REM, if someone remembers the musical group, it is actually the acronym of rapid eye movements (= fast eye movements), each phase so called lasts about 15 minutes, if we live at least 4 or 5 per night, about every 2 hours, depending on how much we sleep, and are of increasing intensity until awakening.

Bad sleep quality: remedies

There are numerous natural remedies with which to secure one Good sleep quality and excellent quality of life. Valerian is one of the best known, recommended when you have difficulty falling asleep or suffer from anxiety due to stress and "head fatigue".

Lemon balm also has a sedative action, relaxes the Central nervous system and reduces gastric stress disorders. Those who want to fall asleep in the shortest possible time can try escolzia, also excellent for children and for those suffering from nocturnal cramps.

There Chamomile it is relaxing, acts on smooth muscles, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, it is recommended for those with abdominal pain or inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa or digestive disorders. When the Sleep quality is compromised by anxiety, so the hawthorn can save us, a friend of those who feel a sort of tachycardia before falling asleep. Single or in groups, these are the plants that can help us reach a high level of sleep quality in a natural way.

Sleep quality: books

Among the natural remedies for a bad one Sleep quality let's not forget the books. Love books, mystery books, adventure books, or even books so boring that after less than a page they see us collapsing on their pages. An interesting, light and useful volume is this "Sweet dreams: A fascinating journey into the mysterious science of sleep”, You can also find it in ebooks, on Amazon and I wrote it the good David Kent Randall.

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