Foods rich in sodium

Foods rich in sodium

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Foods rich in sodium, we can go in search of it but already knowing that more than half is contained in preserved and pre-cooked foods. If you associate this element with table salt, numbers in hand only 36% comes to us from this food, not to mention fresh foods that contain about 10%. To get an idea, before setting up a diet rich in Foods rich in sodium, it is good to know that the average consumption of sodium per day is about 4 grams, the maximum recommended quantity, however, would be 2. It is therefore better to note down the foods that you do not eat too often.

Foods rich in sodium: what they are

With the limit of 2 grams per day in mind, let's see the Foods rich in sodium to banish and those to keep in check. We must not only think about the quantity of salt, or cured meats, but think at 360 degrees because even the much loved and apparently harmless Pizza, makes us touch the recommended threshold. This also applies to other foods beyond suspicion such as canned legumes and bread, more imaginable as Sodium-rich foods crackers and breadsticks.

Sometimes even foods with an unsalted taste are in truth Foods rich in sodium, it's the sugar they contain that masks the flavor. That is why it is good to pay attention to the biscuits and cereals with which we have breakfast or snack.

That of water, and of the sodium contained in it, is a recent and often exaggeratedly considered "battle". In reality it is not by drinking one or the other brand that we will be able to regulate our daily sodium consumption. In fact, almost all of them have a sodium content of less than 0.05 g per liter, only by drinking 40 liters per day we would exceed.

Instead, focus on eating foods like salted cod, soy sauce, anchovies or anchovies in oil, capers, bresaola, pork belly, dried tomatoes, Roquefort, chilli powder and Parmesan. Escarole and green olives are also to be considered Foods rich in sodium.

Foods rich in sodium: what they are for

If you don't have to overdo it with Foods rich in sodium, in the same way they should certainly not be banned because this mineral salt taken in just measure, is useful. Sodium performs important functions once ingested, for example, it regulates the volume of liquids in the body and keeps the heart rhythm normal. It also allows the muscles to contract and the brain to function because it favors electrical signals.

If it is ingested by eating, sodium is eliminated in the urine by the kidneys. We talk about hypernatremia if the sodium is too much, if it is too little we are instead in hyponatremia and this can prevent cells from functioning properly, resulting in unpleasant consequences such as confusion, weakness, swelling, lethargy, convulsions and coma.

Foods rich in sodium: recipes

Among the foods rich in sodium there is also Salted cod. We have seen that this is not a food to forget, let's try to cook it in a tasty way because too little sodium is not good for you.

The cod with baked potatoes it's a simple recipe, in about half an hour, followed by the cooking time, and dinner is done. You need 1 kg of salted cod, 1.5 kg of potatoes, 100 g of onion and 6 bay leaves, and then 200 g of pitted olives and extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper without exaggerating.

Sodium-rich foods and supplements

Also for those suffering from sodium deficiency, there are for sale supplements used mainly by athletes who need to supplement their diet with a surplus of mineral salts. On Amazon you will find numerous products that make from dietary supplements including sodium, like this powder also rich in Vitamin C, 35 euros per pack with 1 kg of pure powder.

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