Cleaning condominium floors

Cleaning condominium floors

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Cleaning condominium floors, a problem that has existed for as long as condominiums have existed, an innovative and eco-sustainable solution that has come from Veneto in recent times. Is called iDrowash and it is a technology capable of cleaning any type of surface simply using water under pressure, including rain water. Skeptical and enthusiastic, before pronouncing it is better that they clear the mind by listening to what it is.

Cleaning condominium floors: what is iDROWash

iDROWash is the first service that it does not require any type of detergent, deals with the cleaning of condominium floors as well as other types of surfaces, only using pressurized water. It is undoubtedly an innovative solution, of course, but above all friend of the environment and of those who, cleaning the place where they live, do not want to dirty elsewhere.

This system for the Cleaning condominium floors it is also perfect for removing dirt from walls, gates, surfaces covering courtyards and parking lots. And if we have to "clean the face" of an abandoned structure, ruined by certain vandals, iDROWash gives us a hand.

Any kind of flooring, whether civil or industrial, is passed with cold water, at room temperature, at high pressure, and treated with specific accessories that guarantee an excellent result. There Cleaning condominium floors it is no longer a problem, but neither is that of walls, curbs, stairs, fountains, fences, pool edges, benches, flower boxes and garden games.

Cleaning condominium floors with iDROWash: values ​​and advantages

This method for the Cleaning condominium floors allows you to save money by doing without detergents, and at the same time significantly reduces pollution making our work to zero impact on the environment.

Money can also be saved by keeping the floor of your condominium clean so easily that several years will pass before changing it. Removing dirt from the flooring, it remains far away the thought of having to carry out expensive and lengthy building renovation works.

In addition to a change of habits, iDROWash introduces the world of Cleaning condominium floors also a change of mentality. Keeping buildings clean and clean is no longer a nuisance, a waste of time or money, but a investment that focuses on their longevity. An idea that does not only concern condominiums but the whole construction sector and those who work there.

Cleaning condominium floors: the history of iDROWash

Given the results and prospects of this innovative technology, it is interesting to see how it came to us. We did not import it, it appeared in Veneto, in the mind of a couple of brothers, Alessandro and Marco Florio, born as computer programmers.

To deal with Cleaning condominium floors and in general of building maintenance, it was their grandfather, thinking of him, the desire to bring new air to the sector has arisen. Something that took care of the aesthetic side but at the same time resulted useful and eco-sustainable.

iDROWash responds to all this, but the Florio family also have something else in mind: a collection of innovative cleaning experiences that disclose good practices and ideas that lead us to understand how tradition and digital can fit together. This will be the project “The heroes of cleaning”.

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