Do-it-yourself exfoliants for face, hands and body

Do-it-yourself exfoliants for face, hands and body

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Do it yourself exfoliants: here's how to prepare DIY scrubs at home to thoroughly clean the skin without necessarily having to resort to expensive aesthetic peelings. Here are 3 DIY natural exfoliant recipes.

To have a radiant and velvety skin, it is necessary not only to hydrate it but also to keep it clean and free from toxins and impurities, so as to promote the regeneration of skin cells. In this regard, it is advisable to follow a precise beauty routine that must also include a scrub, preferably natural to avoid side effects on the skin.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on cosmetics and exfoliating soaps; the scrub can easily be prepared at home with equally excellent results. Just follow a few right recipes and keep it carefully.

Do it yourself exfoliants, what we need

Natural and fresh ingredients, suitable for both face and body
Airtight jars, to be sterilized together with the lid
A blender
Time and love for DIY

Do-it-yourself exfoliants, useful recommendations

The skin of the face is much more delicate than that of the body, therefore we pay close attention to the choice of products to apply. We also consider the type of skin before opting for an ingredient; it can be oily, dry, mixed, acne-prone… To make a good body exfoliant we can opt for products that help us fight cellulite, stretch marks, poor circulation….

DIY fruit facial exfoliator

Fruit not only deeply cleanses, but also provides vitamins and minerals that are important for skin health. Here's which fruit to use based on your skin type

  • Pineapple: for oily skin.
  • Kiwi: for oily and combination skin.
  • Papaya: for combination and dry skin.
  • Pear: for dry and delicate skin.

For application, just gently rub a piece of one of these fruits on a clean and dry face. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse. You can use these treatments once a week.

Do-it-yourself exfoliator for hands

Of course, the hands are not as sensitive as the face and do not have stretch marks or cellulite, but they are always exposed to chemical, polluting and atmospheric detergents.

To prepare a good exfoliant for the hands, we can combine two fantastic ingredients: pure extra virgin coconut oil and baking soda. The first nourishes and protects the skin in depth, the second activates circulation and has a light, but effective, exfoliating effect.

Where to buy pure coconut oil?

It is possible to find this product in shops specializing in natural cosmetics or by mail order by purchasing online. In any case, we always advise you to choose a 100% pure coconut oil and more obtained with organic farming methods.

Amongcoconut oilsfrom the best value for money we point out:100% Organic and Pure Virgin Coconut Oilby Naissance

  • Preparation

Mix the two ingredients well until you get a grainy cream. Coconut oil must exceed 23 ° C to be able to melt, so you should heat it first just a few seconds.
Massage your hands well with this product then rinse with warm water

Do-it-yourself exfoliator for the body

The body needs deep-acting exfoliants to activate circulation, remove toxins, fight cellulite, reduce stretch marks and give softness.

To achieve these effects, two very effective ingredients are needed: salt and olive oil

You can choose fine or coarse salt depending on the area you need to exfoliate. For example, in the case of buttocks or heels, it is better to opt for coarse salt, while for the breasts, it is preferable to use fine salt.

Sea salt brings a large amount of minerals to the skin, but always remember to use it pure and unrefined or cooking.

Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids; this means nourishing the skin by providing it with many antioxidants. In case of oily skin, it is better to replace it with coconut or jojoba oil.

To make this exfoliant at home, just follow the same instructions we gave you to prepare the one based on coconut oil and bicarbonate. Apply the scrub in the shower, so that the steam and hot water open the pores well. Once dry, the skin will be softer and more hydrated.

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