Lazy dogs: characteristics and breeds

Lazy dogs: characteristics and breeds

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Lazy dogs, at risk of obesity, but also more manageable if they have to be placed in an apartment that does not have a garden. There are Lazy dogs of every size and every color, they are sweet and nice, but they can be irritating when they take possession of the sofa and do not move. It is important to force them to do some exercise, the bare minimum for their health, for the rest, let them relax and relax with them.

Lazy dogs: characteristics

They are not necessarily naive, lazy dogs, on the contrary, they invent all kinds of mischief, some, just to avoid physical effort. This is not the case with the Border Collie, for example, who despite being of medium-small size, is has a disproportionate energy. In fact, it has a constant need to move, play, interact, on the threshold of hyperactivity.

Another dog that does not have laziness among its characteristics is the Boxer and I experienced it in person with the ex puppy of a dear relative. Even today, now in theory an adult, he has the soul of a kid and also therestlessness of those who still have a whole world to discover. I guess he won't stop thinking that as long as he lives, acting accordingly.

Lazy dogs: breeds

There are breeds of Lazy dogs by definition and the first in the list is that of Bulldog: does not like to run or walk for more than 5 minutes, even playing is a bit tiring for these animals who prefer to warm up their kennels. If we give him the sofa, he can make the effort to reach it but then stay there for at least half a day if he isn't hungry first.

The French Bulldog he is not at the level of English but he certainly cannot be said to be a hyperactive type. He loves to sleep and plays well the role of funny and relaxed dog. It was once a hound, but today it has forgotten or pretends not to know its origins Basset Hound, preferring to indulge in a series of naps throughout the day.

Sometimes he makes the excuse of short legs or big ears that are not comfortable for running, in truth he just doesn't feel like it. He is very fond of the family, especially if he hosts him at home in the warmth and lets him laze around.

Lazy dogs: large

Lazy dogs of large breeds should be housed in an equally large house so that, even if they decide to rest in the hallway, they do not block the family's circulation. The Bullmastiff is one of the best lazy big dogs that exists, loves the outdoors but watches them from the living room window, while dozing on a pillow.

Despite being a hunting dog, the Clumber Spaniel is on the list of Lazy Dogs: it remains spaniel but does not look like other spaniels. They run around happy, he snores calmly.

Even the Newfoundland dog and the St. Bernard Dog they are excellent examples of XXL lazy dogs, besides not being able to bear movement, they suffer a lot from the hot climate, they fight the nickname of "gentle giants".

Lazy dogs: small

The Pug he is the laziest of the small dogs, just look at him to understand that he loves to sleep terribly and when he does, he snores, in a way that can be quite annoying. Those who want a small dog that is not hyperactive, but loves silence, better look towards breeds like the Dachshund. It is a smart, faithful animal, but one that is comfortable at home, where it plays every now and then without exaggerating, and enjoys the relaxation of the home environment.

Those who cannot adopt a dog but want one to admire, which does not disturb, can buy it and assemble its 500 pieces. It's a puzzle dog, in recycled cardboard, for 15 euros on Amazon. To finish the puzzle, we don't have to be lazy, though!

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