Scared dog: what to do

Scared dog: what to do

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Scared dog, in the throes of a real phobia. About what? There are different forms of phobias and it is important to identify them, to distinguish them from normal moments in which the frightened dog has strange but fleeting reactions. The main signs of dog scared due to phobia are the exaggerated panting, the constant vigilance, the increase in salivation, the appearance of tremors, the tendency to hide or try to escape. Even defecating and urinating too much can be a sign of fear, the same goes for a dog that barks, whines and howls in an exaggerated way and for no identifiable reason.

Scared dog: causes

A scared dog has its reasons, let's see what they are. A storm, or even just lightning or thunder, can panic, or else there are animals that develop a phobia for veterinary surgeries. Often a frightened dog is the one who finds himself walking on the empty stairs, on the metal grates or on slippery floors, the one who is on a moving tram or in the bicycle basket without having consented.

It can happen that an animal gets scared and develops one unmotivated but strong phobia for children, the elderly and people with a different skin color than they usually see in their masters. Even glasses worn on a face can make a scared dog, the cane of an elderly person or a person in a wheelchair, as well as a kid on a skateboard. Much more trivially, they often appear symptoms of phobia if we take the dog to an unfamiliar and noisy place, or during too noisy street parties, New Year's Eve with barrels, or concerts.

Scared dog: for no reason

To distinguish a frightened dog from a phobic dog, let's clarify what we can define phobia and what fear. The latter is the emotional reaction that has an adaptive purpose, allows the dog to defend itself or to flee from a danger or what it has identified as harmful to its survival.

Different is the phobia which has a much less logical character as a reaction. It is excessive and does not have the aim of preserving it from danger, on the contrary, very often it blocks it, prevents it from living normally.

Dog frightened of his master

Leaving aside the cases in which the dog is frightened of being with the owner (it will be necessary to understand if he has been mistreated!), let's analyze the softer ones in which as loving owners, without wanting to, we put our dog in a state of fear by instilling a sort of phobia. This can happen even when we have the best intentions, indeed, sometimes the too much apprehension ends up making us fall into error.

When we are faced with a frightened dog, if we give it a rope and make it think that it has every reason to be, we make the situation worse. We encourage him to be afraid. We are therefore careful not to pass on our anxiety and concern to a frightened dog.

A frightened dog needs only one thing: a calm and quiet owner to imitate, if this does not happen, it will be very difficult to solve the problem.

Dog scared of noises

The case of new Year's Eve fireworks, which occurs every year, is just one of many examples where an animal can be frightened by noises. In truth, it doesn't happen once a year and because of the barrels, a dog frightened by noises like those of fireworks he also panics for many similar and more frequent noises. A neighbor's hammer, the crash of a construction site that he meets during a walk, an object that can fall into the house, breaking.

Scared dog: what to do

A frightened dog that manages to lead a normal life, and to lead it to us, must be left to live and must be accepted and loved, if instead the problem can be defined as a real phobia, then it is better go to a behavioral veterinarian.

It takes one specialist who knows the dog and the environment in which he lives, deepen his attitude and how he relates to the outside world, people and other animals. You cannot intervene alone, do-it-yourself, you have to arm yourself with patience because it takes weeks or months to get results.

Therapy with the veterinarian can also be accompanied by Bach flowersand from a book that plays down, also suitable for children: "What a coward. Nino a little dog always scared”By Chiara Carrer.

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