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World nature day

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World nature day and, since it is worldwide, better call it World Wildlife Day. And the 3rd March and it reminds us that we humans are part, like all other creatures, of a much larger whole which is Nature. Better to respect everything around us, and a little further away, we are all in the same boat.

Today still dominates one utilitarian vision that pushes us to see animals and plants as submissive to our species. They must serve us to live better. A wrong perspective with which to reason and set up public and private activities, also wrong because, if we really want to maintain a utilitarian vision, in the long run it backfires. This means that even the selfish are good to celebrate the World nature day, for your own good.

World nature day: when

This day is celebrated on March 3, 2017, by decision of the United Nations General Assembly who chose this date close to the beginning of spring, transforming it into an opportunity to make us reflect. 24 hours to think about how to change our attitudes when they put the planet's territorial, faunal and landscape heritage at risk.

Sometimes it happens consciously, other times less, but there are still attitudes to be changed forever. There World Nature Day is a day in which to decide how and when to protect wild nature, in 1973 on March 3 the first was signed Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

World nature day in 2016

Let's see what happened in the last edition of the World Nature Day, 2016 dedicated to the fight against poaching on elephants and the fight against illicit trafficking in wild animals. A problem that in 2017 we can still define unsolved but in 12 months something has been done. However, we must speak of an emergency, taking into account that we have not strayed far from the figures of the past years, those that between 2010 and 2012 report us more than 100,000 elephants killed so that we could use the ivory of their tusks.

Fight against the poaching it does not only mean blocking those who physically kill elephants but identifying who belongs to a much more complex system composed of inhuman criminals, without any hesitation in putting the existence of elephants on the planet is in danger. There are huge economic interests and complex dynamics that support corruption.

World nature day in 2017

The 3rd March we find ourselves dedicating a whole day to the fight against crimes against biodiversity and its protection and there are several causes to embrace in this sense. Difficult to choose, each of us if he could observe a wild animal in its environment, he felt emotions that lead him to think that he must save him at all costs.

Some penguins, some tigers, some migratory birds, some rare amphibians. Without stopping us in the embarrassment of having to prefer one or the other species, we think this year about how important it is that future generations can admire all the animals that today we are putting at risk of extinction. Lions, whales, frogs, elephants, rhinos, tuna: even animals that we take for granted are not! Not forever, if we keep it up.

According to a study that appeared in Science Advances, the current extinction rate is about a hundred times higher than normal.

World nature day: goals

On this day it is good to get in your head once and for all, that "The future of animals depends on us". We individual citizens, we businesses and we governments. Each of these subjects can do their part to protect animals and plants from all over the world.

There are acts prohibited and that the law punishes, against animals and nature, but also many small gestures that seem insignificant in our day, instead they are a contribution to the destruction of nature. Throw paper on the ground, use the car when not needed, wear real fur or cosmetic products tested on animals. Every day when we choose what to put, what to eat and how to move, we have to think as if it were there World nature day.

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