International day of happiness

International day of happiness

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International Day of Happiness, it would be nice if it were every day of the year, but at the moment we only celebrate it once every 2 months, on March 20. For the occasion, we try to do our best to make it memorable, at least until the next edition.

Being international, the day dedicated to happiness is celebrated in every part of the world, as possible, with respect to the context in which it is located. To establish this anniversary was theGeneral Assembly of the United Nations Organization in 2012, he decided on June 28 but choosing March 20.

International Day of Happiness for the UN

Let's see what the UN says about this party. First of all he recognizes “that the search for happiness is a fundamental purpose of humanity"And encourages" a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes sustainable development, the eradication of poverty, the happiness and well-being of all people ". With these big words, motivate the choice of call for International Happiness Day on March 20. He wants to involve individuals, but with these proclamations he addresses even before the various international and regional organizations, the many non-governmental organizations and non-profit associations.

International day of happiness: data

I have no doubts: it is necessary to celebrate the International Day of Happiness, just look around to understand it. Even if it didn't exactly fall on the day of the Spring Equinox, however, it would be right, this coincidence is more than ever "happy".

Who was not convinced of the need for this International day of happiness can take a look at the data, not only those of those who are worse off than us, km and km away from us, but also those concerning our beautiful country. Land of the sun, country "pizza and mandolin", yet quite happy, even compared to those who do not enjoy a climate as pleasant as ours.

We are in the fiftieth place as happiness of individuals, too after Uzbekistan, Malaysia and Nicaragua, in 2016 the record of happiness was won by Denmark. In addition to not appearing in the top ten, Italy is also among the countries where happiness decreases from month to month, along with Greece and Spain.

Those who want to emigrate in search of happiness, know that it is good to look for it first within yourself and not delude yourself into finding it simply by reaching the countries in the top ten in the ranking. In addition to Denmark we find Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. For those who are more attentive to the environment, however, the ideal destination is Bhutan, the greenest and happiest state in the world.

International day of happiness: what to do

Before packing your suitcase, we seek daily happiness at no cost and with zero impact on the environment that surrounds us. For example, let's start by valuing what already exists in our life but we don't notice, with a diary of gratitude: nothing demanding, just a sort of bullet journal with an ad hoc list dedicated to the three things that every day gave us a hint of happiness.

Another way to achieve a bit of earthly and concrete happiness is the devote yourself to DIY jobs which can be of embroidery or carpentry. But I prefer to seek happiness and share it with a pet: whether they are cats or dogs, in both cases, the happiness we get in his company is lasting and authentic.

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