Office plants, lots of tips

Office plants, lots of tips

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Office plants: from the most resistant plants to those most suitable for the office with little light. Advice on feng shui, on the choice of tall plants or plants capable of purifying the office air.

Plants suitable for the office

Inofficewe need tocultivateresistant ornamental plants that require little care. Office plants must be resistant because they can survive several days without care, near bridges and holidays where the business will be closed. Of course, irrigation during the summer holidays should not be missing so you will have to organize yourself with "Acquagel" bottles as illustrated on the page dedicated towatering plants during the holidays.

Plantssuitable for the officethey must have four characteristics:

  • they must be long-lasting and resistant
  • they must be easy to care for
  • they have to resist repeated abandonment on weekends and holidays.

Low-light office plants

If yoursofficeit only has a window which is north-facing, don't worry! In these surroundings you will only have shaded positions available where the light comes indirectly, there is little light but enough to satisfy the needs of those plants that naturally grow spontaneously in the undergrowth of the forests. In shady locations or with indirect light, you can grow any plants that don't need sun.

If the situation is more dramatic like awindowless officeand with only artificial light, it is better to choose hybrids selected to survive in such inhospitable environments. Ikea can provide you with plants that can survive even if there are no windows in your office but in this case the plants will still need other care.

Desk succulents to furnish the office

Thesucculent plantsorfat plantsI'm amust havefor adeskelegant and welcoming. Small succulents such as Cactus, mammillaria, opuntia, agave, aloe, sansevieria and Zamiculcas zamilifolia (zamia) are suitable for the office desk. These plants also withstand long periods without wetting and very elegant compositions are available in garden centers, in glass bowls or with decorative vases.

Office plants capable of purifying the air

Ferns absorb formaldehyde and xylene. The ficus benjamin is perfect for those seeking tall office plants, it is very elegant and will help you purify the air from ammonia, benzene and trichlorethylene. For the same purpose, in the office you cancultivate plantssuch as aloe vera, philodendrons and ivy.

Plants for the office and waiting room

The dracenas are numerous and there is always the one that is best suited to furnish a waiting room. Very resistant is the Dracena marginata. Lucky bamboo or the so-called happiness logs can also be suitable for decorating an office.

For a large waiting room, you can grow large dracena (Lucky bamboo) stems that must be kept in water and are not likely to dirty with soil.

Office plants and Feng Shui

To make the office welcoming, there are those who rely on feng shui furnishings and those who, instead, focus onornamental plantsmore beautiful ... In fact, in the philosophy that is the basis of feng shui, the two factors integrate perfectly, plants are a fundamental element for recreating balance in the office, they represent air, breath, yang.

InFeng shuiYin is represented by water and yang is represented by breath, air and oxygen released by beautiful plants.

The key to furniture Feng Shuifor home orofficeis the light. Light can bring energy into your life: open shutters and windows, let the sun penetrate as much as possible into your office. Even if it is a office with little lightyou can turn it onYangwith the help of mirrors and plants. As well as light, so toogreen plantsI am a great activator of Yang. Green plants in the office can bring joy and happiness.

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